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Alice in Wonderland party decorating ideas - Alice in Wonderland theme party decorations - Alice in Wonderland costumes - Alice in Wonderlnd wall decals - Alice in Wonderland wall murals - tea party theme Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Decorating ideas for 

and fun and unique DIY ideas for the
Alice in Wonderland themed tea party decoration ideas:.

Alice In Wonderland Party decorations - Mad Hatter Tea Party decorations

Create the Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter tea party with unique tea cup decorations. Design your own tea cup decorations with these tea set crafts. Drink tea and be mad as a hatter. 

Pink flamingos are also a great addition to any Alice in Wonderland theme party, pretend play croquet like the queen of hearts. Pull pink flamingo pranks with the classic yard flamingo! These plastic pink flamingos are perfect for whatever you're planning! Flamingo yard ornaments are a great way to welcome guests also.

The Alice In Wonderland Jumbo Pocket Watch is a must have to complete your White Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland theme.
Wear unique Alice In Wonderland costume pieces for a night to remember

Natalie's 13th Birthday Party - Alice in Wonderland

A good start for an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday is a table to eat at!

Use a white tablecloth with cards and hearts taped to it.

Scattering confetti also makes it look nice and glittery for that extra touch.

 As for teapots, teacups, plates and cutlery - it has to be mismatched!

Instead of a knife and fork, use a spoon and a spoon or a fork and spoon. One of the boys at the party got two spoons, he didn't look too happy but took it all in good humor, and everyone had a giggle. To give the napkins an Alice in Wonderland theme, get red ones and cut hearts out.

We also bought really small teacups and everyone found it funny (and frustrating!) to have to constantly pour in more iced tea after one gulp.

If anyone at the party is exceptionally good at photography, maybe get a few disposable cameras and get them to help out with taking photos of the party!

 Around the table, make sure the chairs are all odd so everyone has to sit at different heights, just for giggles.

For some magical-looking decorations, be sure to hang lots of colourful streamers, playing cards all over the walls and hang up some signs that say "This way", "That way", "Up", "Down", "Mad Hatter", "March Hare" etc.

Get creative and create your own unique cake stands by gluing odd plates, cups and saucers. Be sure to add "Drink Me" labels to teapots and bottles!

Not Alice-In-Wonderland enough?
Buy silk roses and stick googly eyes on them!

Everyone thought they were funny and they were a great hit.

Attach big, artificial butterflies to the walls and from the ceiling. Lanterns also make a nice finish.

Turn the ceiling into a magical rabbit hole like we did with a plush rabbit jumping down into Wonderland. Get a black piece of cardboard and cut out a large circle. Stick it to the ceiling with the rabbit following. Everyone thought it was hilarious!

Create an Alice in Wonderland garden picnic feel with a lot (and we mean A LOT) of tissue paper flowers. They're absolutely gorgeous, especially if you put red colored hearts on the white flowers. Drawing them on with red marker is also a fun way to do it.

 Tie a few tissue paper flowers to actual plants and put them in the corners for a creative twist!

Another fun idea instead of streamers would be to inflate balloons with helium, or maybe put up a banner saying "UNHAPPY BIRTHDAY ALICE". Confetti would also be a cute and fun addition.

You could put a party hat and party blower near each of the teacups for each guest. We did this, but with lollies instead. Everyone was on a sugar high for the entire party.

A good decoration would be a cutout, like the Cheshire Cat smile or the Suites like we had. Of course, don't forget the yard sign (we had TO WONDERLAND upside down on the fence).

A great idea for the entrance would be to get a small kiddie tunnel and make them crawl through it to Wonderland! If that isn't possible, then put flamingos at the entrance.

For indoors, try and get some fake grass to really make it seem like a garden.

Enchanted in Wonderland Decorating Kit will take transport your Wonderland themed party down the rabbit hole with it's whimsical decorations. Each Wonderland decorating kit includes six one of kind themed props. The Queen of Hearts herself would be captivated by this Wonderland themed decorating kit.

This Enchanted in Wonderland Theme Decorating Kit includes:
  • 1 Wonderland Column
  • 1 Wonderland Arch
  • 1 Wonderland Heart Entrance
  • 1 Set of 4 Hedges
  • 1 Set of 2 Knight and Rook Standees
  • 1 Set of 4 Card Suit Knaves
Wonderland Column
This 8' high x 2' diameter white fabric and metal column is accented with card suits. Includes heart shaped mylar balloon. Easy assembly.

Wonderland Arch
Enter into a world of wonder with this personalized Wonderland Arch. The free-standing 9' 7" high x 6' 2" wide cardboard arch can be personalized with your own wording. Easy assembly.

Wonderland Heart Entrance
The Wonderland Heart Entrance is the perfect addition to your theme! 9' 4" high x 9' 6" wide printed cardboard entrance is free-standing. Assembly required.

Wonderland Hedges Standees
Your wonderland theme isn't complete without these iconic standees. Each cardboard standee is printed on one side. Flamingo measures 3' 7" high x 2' wide; Knight and Rook Standees measure 5' high x 2' 4" wide; Card Suit Hedges measure 3' 9" high x 4' 5" wide. Easy assembly.

Wonderland Standees
Your wonderland theme isn't complete without these iconic standees. Each cardboard standee is printed on one side. Flamingo measures 3' 7" high x 2' wide; Knight and Rook Standees measure 5' high x 2' 4" wide; Card Suit Hedges measure 3' 9" high x 4' 5" wide. Easy assembly.

Card Suit Knaves Set
Set the scene with the Card Suit Knaves Standees. The 5' high x 3' wide printed cardboard set includes one of each card suit. Easy assembly.

Disney™ Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Life Size Standee

Travel through the looking glass with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum!

Full Color Life-size Cardboard Standee of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum from Alice in Wonderland.

 The product folds down for easy storage. It comes with an easel attached to the back to make it free standing. Measures 34 inches by 37 inches.

Beautiful girl travelling through the magical portal  - search at Murals your way

alice in wonderland party decorating ideas-alice in wonderland theme bedrooms

Twinkle, twinkly little bat. Invite nonsence to your next party!
Full Color Life-size Cardboard Standee of Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. The product folds down for easy storage. It comes with an easel attached to the back to make it free standing. Measures 78 inches by 37 inches.

Disney™ Red Queen Alice in Wonderland Standee

Full Color Life-size Cardboard Standee of  Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland. The product folds down for easy storage. It comes with an easel attached to the back to make it free standing. Measures 72 inches by 38 inches.

High gloss ceramic with lots of detail and color
fun decoration for the

Alice in Wonderland Theme Bedroom

Ceramic Teacup hanging decorations alice in wonderland theme bedrooms

Ceramic Teacup hanging decorations

Everybody loves a good tea party, and now you can invite your feathered friends

The dainty saucer sits sturdily on the bottom of the teacup holding your backyard bird's favorite seed, while hanging from a galvanized zinc chain. 

All are embellished with golden accents, while one weather-resistant teacup showcases purple blooms, while the other print features pink and blue roses.

 It can be tea time anytime in your yard or garden when you hang this elegant upside-down teacup bird feeder from a tree, porch, deck or shepherd's hook.

Disney™ Alice in Wonderland Life Size Standee

Alice in Wonderland Life Size Standee

Travel down the rabbit hole with Alice!
Full Color Life-size cardboard Standee of Alice in Wonderland. The product folds down for easy storage. It comes with an easel attached to the back to make it free standing. Measures 78 inches x 37 inches.

Don't forget to dress your best when you're running late "for a very important date"!

 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
Be prepared for next trip down the rabbit hole with an Alice in Wonderland Costume from Buy Costumes! Unique un-birthday ensembles include both classic cartoon Alice in Wonderland Costumes and eccentric styles based on the looks seen Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. 
You'll surely be the hit of the tea party when you show up in an Alice in Wonderland Costumes.

Celebrate your un-birthday in style!
 Become the charismatic character from a modern day classic.
The Alice In Wonderland Movie - Prestige Mad Hatter Teen Costume, Alice in Wonderland Movie costumes - Mad Hatter Child Costumes, Queen of Hearts costumes, Adult Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee Costumes. 

Few more fun Alice in Wonderland tea party decor ideas

use for yummy lollies at the tea party

This is an edible cake art image, easy to use and looks like the colorful design is air brushed onto the cake.
Great for Alice in Wonderland theme party!

Super Jumbo Playing Cards

They're humungous!

A few decorating ideas might not have used but would be lots of fun for smaller children:

String fairy lights around doorways or chairs for a pretty effect if the party is later in the day, and put a few clocks around, all stopped at tea-time. You could also print out (or draw) a picture of the cheshire cat smile and have that on a wall facing all the guests.

Favor Bags:
Say "Thank you" in a fun and unique way. Fill an inexpensive tea cup (thrift store) with small items like lip gloss, nail polish, lollies and a small deck of cards!

What to serve at your Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Food ideas for Alice in Wonderland tea party theme:











And for the adults...



-Pick 3 different cake flavors that go well together and make 3 different size cake rounds. Ice individually in different colors and stack together. For example:

1 chocolate brownie layer with strawberry jam in the middle.
Chocolate icing (
1 vanilla layer with a cream center.
1 strawberry layer.
Drizzle the whole thing with white chocolate, and decorate with sprinkles or hundreds and thousands.

How To Make a Topsy-Turvy Whimsical Cake

variety of

Alice in Wonderland Invitations here


Secret Sticker

For this fun activity, all the guests are given a sheet of stickers and must get rid of them by secretly putting them on other guests. If caught they must take one of the stickers from the party guest who caught them. Only stick one sticker at a time - first one rid of their stickers wins! Use stickers from your birthday party theme.

Cooperative Musical Chairs

This is a fun version of musical chairs. For this game set up a circle of chairs with one less chair than the number of birthday party guests. Play music as the guests circle around the chairs. When the music stops, everyone has to have a seat. Unlike the traditional game, the person that is left standing isn't out, instead, someone else has to make room on their chair! Take away another chair and start the music again. The kids end up on one another's laps and sharing chairs - it's really fun!

Egg Carpet

Spread out a newspaper on the floor like a red carpet and put 10 or so eggs on the paper. Randomly choose a guest and give them 30 seconds to memorise where the eggs are. After that 30 seconds, blindfold them and tell them they have to walk across it without stepping on any of the eggs. Everyone else has to quietly take the eggs off the newspaper. This game was really fun and everyone played along well, screaming at random times as if the guest was about to step on an egg.

At random moments, announce that all the guests have to move down a seat or swap chairs.

About Me
Pass a roll of toilet paper around, telling the guests to take as many sheets as they think they'll need. When it's gone around the entire table, explain that they have to say one thing about themselves for each sheet of toilet paper.

We hope you have fun with your very own Alice in Wonderland birthday party!

Don't be late to a very important date! It's an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party event!

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