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Arabian Nights Party Theme
Aladdin - Jasmine - Genie

Create "A Whole New World" with Magical decorations

arabian nights party decorations moroccan party decorations aladdin jasmine party ideas

The Arabian Nights is a great party theme for all ages and locations.
 Tent style indoors or out on the beach, decorated with colorful flowing fabrics and sparkly shiny Moroccan themed decorations will evoke an air or mystic and magic..

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arabian tent party decorations aladdin party decor jasmine party supplies genie decor

Aladdin - Jasmine themed decor can be found on our
  Genie Decorating Blog

genie party decorating jasmine party decorating moroccan decor arabian nights party ideas

jasmine party aladdin party genie party arabian nights party moroccan decor

aladdin themed party sweets jasmine cookies  Aladdin cakepops. Jasmine   cakepops

Aladdin cookies - Jasmine and Aladdin cakepops - genie lamp Oreo cookies -

genie theme birthday party decorating

arabian castle backdrop aladdin jasmine standees genie costume elephant standee magic lamp

Aladdin & Jasmine Life Size Cardboard Cutout Standup
Genie Costume

Every Arabian Nights Party needs a magical genie

Genie On Flying Carpet  prop arabian nights party aladdin genie jasmine party decorations

Flying Carpet Prop appears as though a genie is floating in the air when hung from a ceiling or attached to a wall. 

This Flying Carpet Prop is printed on cardboard and measures 3' 10" high x 7' 4" wide.

Decorate with purple gossamer and twinkling lights around your flying carpet.

Genie Lamp is gold in color and has an open and close lid complete with a pour spout. 

This Egyptian genie's lamp is hollow and made of plastic and measures 9" long x 4" high x 2 1/4" wide. The Genie Lamp is the perfect accessory to complete your wardrobe at your next costume party, birthday party or you can use it as a tabletop centerpiece or decoration at your next Arabian Nights event.

arabian themed party invitations moroccan party invitations jasmine party invitations party

Arabian Nights Themed Invitations        Gold Genie Lamp Invitation

Decorate with Aladdin, Jasmine, Abu, Raja, and the rest of the gang from Agrabah

jasmine party decorating jasmine party decor arabian nights party decorating ideas

Glass Candle Holders moroccan party decorations arabian nights party decor

 Henna Plates Henna Tealights   moroccan decor arabian nights decor

lantern Princess Jasmine themed party lantern party decorations lanterns

Lantern blends the elegance of the West with the vibrant elements of the East.

These lanterns feature an antique gold finish and a sapphire blue glass with an exotic design.

and them out to guests for a delightful wedding or bridal shower favor, or place several on your tables to create an eye-catching centerpiece your guests won't forget.

aladdin jasmine genie party decorations arabian theme party decor

They are purple with a gold lattice design. These rectangular tablecovers are made of plastic. Put on tables to decorate for an Arabian Nights themed party!

Genie Lamp Straw Topper aladdin party decorations arabian nights party decorations

Jasmine and Aladdin cupcake toppers Jasmine and Aladdin banner aladdin party table decorations

Jasmine and Aladdin cupcake toppers  -   Jasmine and Aladdin banner

Henna candles  moroccan party decorations arabian nights party decor

Beautifully decorated & lovely colours

Moroccan Candle Lanterns  Flying Carpet At Night Backdrop aladdin party props moroccan decor

Flying Carpet At Night Backdrop NeverlandDigitalArts etsy

Moroccan Candle Lanterns 

Each lantern contains one flickering flameless candle which, once illuminated, casts a beautiful warm glow and intricate shadows across your bedroom, living room, or, in dry weather, balcony or patio.

Moroccan party decorating Arabian nights party decor aladdin party ideas jasmine decor genie decorations

Moroccan Decor can be found on our Moroccan Decorating Blog

Arabian Party Decorations and Supplies 
available from shindigz party props

Moroccan decorating ideas - Moroccan decor - Moroccan furniture - decorating Moroccan style - Moroccan themed bedroom decorating ideas - Exotic theme decorating - Sultans Palace - harem style bedrooms Arabian nights Moroccan bedroom furniture - moroccan wall decoration ideas

Arabian Paradise Kit
 Transform your Prom, party of special event into an Arabian Paradise!
 Arabian Paradise Gazebo
A grand entrance to your night of mystery and enchantment, this cardboard and gossamer gazebo is 9' 10" high x 7' 4" wide X 7' 4' deep and printed on all sides. Assembly required.

Arabian Paradise Column
These exotic printed cardboard columns are 9' 10" tall x 1' 8" wide x 1' 8" deep. The structures are decorated on each side and feature a 3-D topper. Easy assembly.

Arabian Metal Lantern
Fill your room with romance and enchantment. This 5' high metal and glass lantern has a 14" diameter base. Assembly time: One person, 10 minutes. Easy assembly. Candle sold separately.

Arabian Paradise Gazebo  Moroccan decorating ideas - Moroccan decor - Moroccan furniture - decorating Moroccan style - Moroccan themed bedroom decorating ideas - Exotic theme decorating - Sultans Palace - harem style bedrooms Arabian nights Moroccan bedroom furniture - moroccan wall decoration ideas Exotic Metallic Palm Tree
You can't set a true Arabian scene with out suitable foliage. Tree captivating trees constructed of mylar, tubing, fringe, and wire share a common 5" wide x 5" deep wooden base. The tallest tree stands 8' 4" high. Staple gun recommended for assembly (not included).

Genie Bottle Standee
This ornate bottle is fitting of an Arabian night. The 7' 3" high x 2' 4" wide x 1' deep cardboard standee is freestanding and printed on one side only. Easy assembly.

Peacock Standee
This striking bird will beautifully grace your exotic scene. The freestanding, cardboard decoration is 3' 10" high x 4" 8" wide x 1' deep and decorated on one side only. Easy assembly.

World of Enchantment Backdrop
This self-standing card board backdrop measures 8' high x 32' long and is decorated on one side only. Assembly required.

Gold - Sequin Fabric Decorating Fabrics at shindigz

Arabian Party Decorations and Supplies

Go on in style to grant some wishes.....

for Genie, Arabian prince, Aladdin, sultan, belly dance, Princess Jasmine
Bejeweled fantasy costumes -  turbans -  flowy harem pants - veils - adorned with sequin trim, organza glitter, gold ribbon bodice, sheer chiffon fabric , soft crush velvet, gold tassel braids, gold sash, luxurious satin

 Harem Costumes  I Dream of Jeannie theme bedrooms - Moroccan style decorating - Jeannie bedroom harem style - Arabian Nights theme bedrooms - bed canopy - Moroccan stencils - I dream of Jeannie bottle - satin bedding - throw pillows - Moroccan furniture - Aladdin bedroom ideas - Arabian princess costume -  Harem Costumes
Dress up in your party costumes, take a photo and turn that photo into a cardboard cutout to display at your party

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Arabian nightsdecorating ideas moroccan decor arabian nights party decorating

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Australian themed decorating ideas - Koala nursery - koala decor - koala nursery decor - Australian themed decor - Koala Nursery Room Koala Bear Nursery Prints - Australian animals decor - Aussie themed rooms - Sydney Opera House wall decals

Australian themed bedroom decorating ideas

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!

- G'day from Down Under -

Koala nursery decorating ideas - Koala themed playroom ideas -
 Australian outback bedroom ideas
Australian native animals decor -  Australian native flora decorating

australian themed decorating ideas koala bedrooms outback themed playrooms sydney city bedroom ideas

Australia is a country filled with awesome beaches, 
unique animals, fragrant flowers, and exciting cities

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Add a little true bluedinky die Aussie culture into your home decorating

Australian themed bedroom decorating idea Australian native animal decor Aussie native flora wall decal


Aussie Gum Tree  Fabric Watercolour Wall Sticker  BushBabiesDownunder etsy
Australian Animal Tree Removable Fabric Wall Sticker  BushBabiesDownunder etsy
Native Australian Eucalyptus Greenery Wall Decal BushBabiesDownunder etsy

cute and cuddly
Koala themed nursery decor

koala nursery koala bedding koala nursery decor australian nursery aussie koala baby nursery ideas


Native Australian Eucalyptus Greenery Wall Decal BushBabiesDownunder etsy

Australian Animal Nursery art - Australian Nursery Koala Kangaroo wall decor aussie animal art

Modern Australiana Decorating Ideas

Aussie Friends Duvet Doona Quilt Cover Set australian animals wall art australian animals plush toys

Paying homage to an array of everyone’s favourite Australian animals – the koala, Tasmanian devil, emu, kookaburra, kangaroo, wombat, platypus, frilled neck lizard, wallaby, cockatoo and echidna – as well as local flora, this beautifully scenic and illustrative print in calming shades of aqua, peach and grey on crisp white cotton will give your kid or teenager a fresh and equally stylish bedroom aesthetic.

Reversing to a printed gumnut print, the educational set is trimmed with blue cord piping and will look superb with our aqua-hued coordinating sheet set.

australian native animal plush pillows  australian native animal plush toys koala echidna wombat



Koala Nursery decorating ideas

Koala Crib Baby Bedding Set kangaroo plush kookaburra wall decal australian nursery decorating


Kookaburra wall decal Citystic wall decals etsy
Custom wall word decals - etsy

Cute koalas and pink hearts Pillow Sham

Australian Native Bird art  White Cockatoo wall art Galah prints  Pink Cockatoo art

Hand painted Australian Native Bird art
White Cockatoo  -  Galah  -  Pink Cockatoo art
- beautiful variety of Australian bird prints to choose from -

It's not just about the flamin' galahs here  ..... 
eh .... what ya reckon ...

Create an Australian Native Flora sanctuary
Filled with Australian native flowers and native bird life

australian native flowers bedroom ideas australian themed room decor Australian birds decor


Australiana Wall Mural
white cockatoo sculpture AntSarTwoodcarvings etsy
Australiana Throw Pillow
Blanket,Australian Kookaburra Bird Pattern
Nightstand wayfair
Yellow Chair
Pendant Light

Mr. Australian Galah, needle felted bird
Fairy Wren, needle felted Australian bird
Needle felted bird decorations - TCMfeltDesigns etsy

Green Leaf Doormat - bedding inn home decor
Pink Cockatoo plush

Australian native flowers art Australian native flowers prints Australian native flowers decorating

Reminiscent of the Australian bush with
 Golden Wattle , Yellow Gumblossoms and the Banksia. 

Hand painted Australian native flowers art

- beautiful variety of prints to choose from 

Aussie bush art

australian native art prints decorating australian theme australian themed bedroom decor

Aboriginal Art Inspired Decorating

Gum Tree WALL DECAL   Kookaburra Great Southern Land   Eucalyptus Leaves


Australian Aboriginal Flag Wall Tapestry

Gum Tree WALL DECAL Citystic etsy
Laughing Kookaburra on a tree branch wall decal Citystic etsy
Kangaroo wall decals
Great Southern Land #2 Framed Art Print
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi! Art Print
Orange dome pendant light wayfair lighting
Rustic headboard etsy
Artificial Eucalyptus Leaves
Australia: The Land Where Time Began 1 Welcome Mat
Authentic Aboriginal Art - Sea Turtles Floor Pillow
Snake - Black Pillows
Kookaburra Throw Pillow
Boomerangs Throw Pillow
Australia Day Credenza


A poem, My Country, written by Dorothea MacKellar in 1908

possibly one of the most well known and recited pieces of poetry in Australian history

I love a sunburnt country,

A land of sweeping plains,

Of ragged mountain ranges,

Of droughts and flooding rains.

I love her far horizons,

I love her jewel-sea,

Her beauty and her terror

The wide brown land for me!


Colorful Travel Australia Map Wallpaper Mural  australian themed decorating

Kangaroo Ottoman Pouf, Australian Aboriginal Pattern Boomerang and Koala Bear Animal, Decorative

Time for a little bush tucker .....
Dusty Rugged and Rustic Outback Australian Themed Bedroom Ideas

australian outback bedroom ideas ayers rock wallpaper mural australian native animals decor


House Bed - Montessori bed - variety etsy
light globe string lights
Uluru Ayers Rock Australia wallpaper mural at Magic Murals

Sydney - Australia Themed Bedroom Decorating

Sydney  Australia Themed Bedroom Decorating harbor bridge wall decal australian flag bedding koalas


Sydney Skyline wall decal Citystic etsy
Australian Flag with Emu and Kangaroo Comforters
Australia States In Silhouette Throw Pillow

Tropical Forest Wall Mural Wallartica etsy
Crocodile Footstool

crocodile footstool tropical queensland australian tropics mural crocodiles


Aussie-themed books

D is for Down Under: An Australia Alphabet

What country holds the title as the world's smallest continent and yet the world's largest island? 

I stands for island, but one that's not too small. Our island is enormous. Just try to see it all! 

There's no place else quite like it; that is clearly true. Australia is a continent, but it's an island, too. 

Originally founded as a penal colony, Australia has long been known for its contrasts (think: wild outback and sophisticated Sydney Opera House). 

Accompanied by vibrant colorful artwork, D is for Down Under: An Australia Alphabet captures the spirit of this proud country and its many treasures, natural and man-made. Visit spectacular Sydney Harbor, try your hand as a jackaroo working a sheep station, or just sit back and enjoy a Vegemite sandwich. Below the starry night glitter of the Southern Cross constellation, Australia's "down under" wonders shine brightly.

Koalas australian koalas where koalas live australian native animals koala decor

National Geographic Readers: Koalas

Written for kids who are just learning to read on their own.

Cute, cuddly koalas are often mistaken for bears, but this book dispels that and many other myths. 

Koalas’ ecosystem, life cycle, feeding habits, and social behaviors are all discussed in straightforward detail.

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