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Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend ... and
a man's worst enemy!

bejeweled expressions - sparkly and shiny

If you like "bling", then this is your ring!!


Diamond jewelry - dress jewelry - rings - earrings - bracelets - bangles - Pendant Necklace - Baguette Diamonds - Wedding & Engagement Rings  - gold - silver - birthstones sapphire garnet topaz Amethyst

10k White Gold Diamond Twist Ring 

Round and baguette diamonds display eye-catching sparkle in this beautiful twist knot ring.

Crafted in polished 10 karat white gold and embellished with 1/2 carat of channel and prong-set diamonds, it's a graceful design that's sure to attract compliments.

This ring makes a lovely gift for an anniversary or other special occasion..

Keep them guessing with this fun and flirty angel and devil heart pendant. It's crafted in 10 karat yellow gold and detailed with bright red enamel and genuine diamond accents. Sporting angel wings and devil's horns, a halo and a tail, this sassy pendant showcases both sides of your personality. It comes complete with an 18-inch chain.

History of Birthstones

Chances are you can name your birthstone, but have you ever wondered how certain stones came to be associated with particular months? Most gem scholars trace the tradition to the Old Testament story of Aaron, whose breastplate was decorated with twelve precious stones, one for each of the twelve tribes of Israel. Over time, these stones were linked with certain powers and tied to particular astrological signs, and later to calendar months.

There are many variations of birthstone lists, including Mystical birthstones, which originate from Tibet and date back over a thousand years, and Ayurvedic birthstones, associated with ancient Indian medicine and beliefs. Birthstones have also been tied to ancient Pagan religions, and even to the collective wisdom of the legendary lost city of Atlantis.

The Modern birthstone list, perhaps the most universally known, was released by the American National Association of Jewelers and officially adopted in 1912. Whether you embrace birthstone lore, or look upon it with a skeptical eye, there is an undeniable appeal to collecting a beautiful gemstone that is reputed to hold special power, meaning, and good fortune just for you.

Awwww how cute are these earrings,

Who can resist the rich, dreamy color of Swiss blue topaz? A total of six blue topaz stones, in faceted round and pear shapes, dangle below curved ear wires with leverback closures. Light rope texturing details the sides of the prong settings, adding to the elegance of this pretty pair.
They're perfect for any formal occasion! (Especially if, like me, you're a sucker for white gold)

 It is a truth universally acknowledged that a girl in possession of gorgeous earrings must be in want of a ring to match.

Sterling Silver, 14k Yellow Gold, Diamond, and Swiss Blue Topaz Ring
A shining sterling silver band is accented with a triangular topaz stone, whose sky blue hue is framed by a bright yellow gold bar and three channel-set diamonds, creating a ring that is both classic and colorful.

December Birthstone: Blue Topaz

Blue topaz is prized for its soothing and captivating blue color, which is usually divided into three categories: sky blue for the palest shade, Swiss blue for the more saturated medium shade, and London blue for the deepest shade. Also known as an artist's stone, blue topaz is reputed to inspire creativity and enhance concentration.

Well my birthday isn't in December, but I am creatively enhancing my wishlist and my concentration is at an all time high right now!

Deep Sea Blue Topaz Ring Chocolate and Vanilla Diamonds

Beautiful Intense Deep Blue color Topaz set in Strawberry Gold in combination with Chocolate and Vanilla Diamonds make this ring simply stunning!

Amazing design combination, Gladiator style with Bamboo Elements!

Amethyst Chocolate Diamond, Rhodolite Garnet, Smokey Quartz 7.25 cttw 14k White Gold Cocktail Ring

a real showstopper! 

Chocolate and White Diamonds 1 3/4 cttw Gladiator Criss Cross Cocktail Ring 14K Rose Gold

Creating a dazzling impression is as simple as black and white.

pave heart pendant is fashioned in 10 karat white gold, and paved all-over with black diamonds.
Two white diamond pave hearts add a striking contrast.
There are 160 round diamonds altogether in this elegant pendant, for a total combined diamond weight of 1 1/2 carats.
The pendant comes complete with an 18-inch chain.
Bling a ling!

After spending all that money on your precious stones, and now are too busy showing off  all your bling, here is a quick and easy cheaper solution to keep the sparkle alive

Diamond Dazzle Stik - Bring out the Bling

The Diamond Dazzle Stik uses a premium twist-to-dispense click pen to deliver a specialized cleansing solution to a flow-thru brush. The unique brush has been specifically engineered for ease of cleaning behind diamonds and other precious stones and their mountings. The high performance formula contains micro-fine cleansers and polishing agents combined with a polymer. The polymer fills in fine scratches on the setting, dramatically increases the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond, and reduces the future build-up of dirt. It also serves as a soothing emollient that is gentle on skin. With regular use, the Diamond Dazzle Stik will improve the overall appearance of your diamond jewelry. It's simple and easy to use, just twist, brush and dazzle.

Body chain jewelry is one of the hottest trends for celebrities currently, so get the celebrity look and make a statement

This body chain necklace features draping layers of gold chains that will truly make you the center of attention.

variety of body chains, Finger Ring Hand Chain Bracelets, chain-Shoulder Necklace jewelry here

Wrap your ankle in elegance

5 Row Chain Anklet
Looks great worn backwards when I wear heelless

Makes a great stocking stuffer and gift for friends and relatives


variety of styles and prices

18k Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver Multi-Gemstone and Diamond Hoop Earrings

18k Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver Multi-Gemstone and Diamond Hoop Earrings


Gold Purity

The purity of gold is measured in karats. Pure gold measures 24 karats but is too soft in this state to be used effectively in jewelry. So it is alloyed with other metals--silver, copper, nickel, and zinc--to increase its strength and durability. Common measurements once the alloy is added are 18 karat (75% gold), 14 karat (58%), and 10 karat (47.7%). In the United States, the legal karat limit for the metal to still be considered gold is 10 karats. A higher karat measurement in gold content indicates a greater value of the jewelry piece. Gold jewelry should always be stamped with the karat mark, either 18k, 750 (European marking for 18k), 14k, 585 (European marking for 14k), or 10k. In addition, to assure its quality, the piece should be stamped with the manufacturer's trademark or country of origin.

Gold Color

The color of gold may vary based off of the type of metal alloy included and the percentage of the metal alloy used. Most commonly, gold is available in yellow, white and rose coloring.

Yellow gold is the most common color and is usually alloyed with silver and copper. Yellow and white gold are similar in strength and malleability, making them perfect for jewelry that is worn daily.

White gold is alloyed with nickel, copper, and zinc--and while it looks similar to platinum, it has vastly different properties.

Rose-colored gold is alloyed with copper and is often used to accent white or yellow gold. The saturation of color varies from piece to piece and according to gold content.

It's a conversation piece for the man in your life

Men's 10k Yellow Gold Diamond Poker Rings

Men's 10k Yellow Gold Diamond Poker Rings   
Deal yourself a winning hand with this handsome diamond poker ring, made from 10 karat yellow gold.  The stepped design displays a fan of five consecutive cards, beginning with the ten of diamonds and ending with the ace.

The ace card itself is set with 24 genuine diamonds,
for a total diamond weight of 1/8 carat.
The polished gold band tapers in back for comfort.
This ring is eye catching but not over the top.

 If you are on the 'cuff' (yes, pun intended) about buying cuff links for your Superman ..... 
here be a variety of styles and themes to choose .... from  sports fans, gamblers to Stars Wars, and much more ...

Cuff links  Diamond jewelry - dress jewelry - rings - earrings - bracelets - bangles - Pendant Necklace - charm pendants - Baguette Diamonds - Wedding & Engagement Rings  - gold - silver - birthstones sapphire garnet topaz Amethyst gemstones

Harry Potter Cuff links

Harry Potter went from the loneliest boy in the world to Hogwarts legend in the course of the famous novels. Today he is everyone's favorite boy wizard and loved by so many fans worldwide. These awesome cufflinks are great for any fan of the series

Golf Cuff Links

Looking for a clever golf themed gift idea for the golfer in your life?

Types of GemstonesNatural Gemstones
Gemstones that are created in nature. They are often treated to improve their color and appearance.
Created Gemstones
These gemstones are made with the same mineral composition as natural gemstones and are created in laboratories with equipment that simulates the high pressure in heat needed to create gemstones in nature.
Simulated Gemstones
Simulated gemstones are created in a laboratory but in most cases do not have the same mineral composition, color, hardness, and look as natural or lab-created gemstones.
Synthetic Gemstones
Gemstone imitations that copy the same look and color of the natural gemstones but do not have the same chemical or physical compositions.


Jewelers describe the color of a gemstone in terms of three characteristics: hue, saturation, and tone.
A gemstone's basic color is its hue, and those with purer hues (for emeralds, green; for sapphires, blue; and for rubies, red) are generally considered more valuable. Often, however, a hint of another color can be detected. Sapphires will range from purplish blue to greenish blue; emeralds, yellowish green to bluish green; and rubies, orangey red to purplish red.
Saturation is a measure of the intensity or purity of a gem's hue and is determined by the degree to which gray or brown hues mute its defining color. Value tends to increase with saturation, so a fully saturated purplish blue sapphire may well be more expensive than a muted pure blue one.
The tone of a gemstone, a measurement of its lightness or darkness, is usually given as light, medium-light, medium, medium-dark, or dark.

A flawless gemstone is rare and usually extravagantly priced. As with diamonds, most gemstones have inclusions, or tiny mineral flaws, that can be seen under magnification or by the careful eye. Sapphires tend to be moderately included, while emeralds and rubies are usually heavily to moderately included. Make sure that any inclusions in the stone do not penetrate deeply into the gem, as this may cause it to break or crack. Clarity grades range from VVS (very, very slightly included) to I3, in which inclusions are prominent and severely affect the gemstone's beauty.

A gemstone's cut refers to its proportions and symmetry. It is essential in making a gemstone look appealing--the stone should be symmetrical in all dimensions so that it will appear balanced, and so that its facets will reflect light evenly, providing good brilliance. Color should also be taken into account when cutting for optical efficiency. If a stone's color is highly saturated, a shallow cut will allow it to pass more light, while a deeper cut may increase the vividness of a less saturated gem. There is no generally accepted grading system for gemstone cut.

Though a gemstone's weight is usually given in carats, this may not give an accurate idea of its size, because different types of stone have different densities. Therefore, a 1-carat sapphire or ruby will be smaller than a 1-carat emerald, though they have the same weight, because sapphires and rubies (both a form of the mineral corundum) are more dense than emeralds.
Gemstones can also be measured in dimensions (diameter, length, and width). It is important to know the dimensions to ensure that the gemstone weight will be visible and well proportioned in the setting.

Illustration of Gemstone Dimentions

Illustration of gemstone dimensions

Gemstones are often treated to enhance color and fill cracks. Please note that, if a gemstone has been treated, this information will be provided in the specifications on the stone's product detail page. There are various accepted techniques, depending on the type of stone. For example, oils and resins are frequently used to fill surface-reaching fissures in emeralds and rubies. This process is not permanent, however; if a treated ruby or emerald is subjected to high heat from a jeweler's torch, an ultrasonic or steam cleaner, or even hot dishwater, the filler may leak out of the stone. Sapphires and rubies are often heated in a kiln or furnace to enhance their color. Such heat treatment, which is considered permanent, has been used for centuries. Lightly colored sapphires may also undergo diffusion treatment. This is done by heating a stone in the presence of coloring elements such as titanium or iron, which causes a thin layer of color to be diffused into the stone's surface. Because this color layer is so thin, a diffusion-treated sapphire should not be repolished.
Heating is the most common gemstone treatment. It can improve clarity and brightness by causing the color of the stone to lighten, darken or change completely.
Often performed on emeralds, oil is often added to stones to seep into their surfaces and improve the finish.
Blue Topaz most commonly receives the irradiation treatment, which is when the gemstone is pounded with subatomic particles or radiation.
Commonly performed on black onyx, chalcedony and pearls to create their variety of colors.
Common for turquoise, impregnation is the infusion of wax into a porous material. It creates a bonding agent to improve cracks and create a smooth surface.
Bleaching is used to lighten the color. It is permanent and undetectable.
Coating is when a lacquer is applied to the surface to improve a gem’s appearance and is also improved to improve the color of gemstones.
Gemstone diffusion can improve color, change color created asterisms for star-like glow.

To clean gemstone jewelry, first wipe it with a soft cloth to remove any dirt. Emeralds require only the use of a soft cloth, as cleaners may damage these soft gems. Sapphires and rubies can be cleaned with either an ultrasonic cleaner or a solution of one part ammonia to six parts water, with a soft brush. Store your gemstone jewelry in a soft cloth pouch or jewelry case so it does not touch other pieces in your collection. As with all jewelry, normal wear and tear can loosen prongs and settings, so it is a good idea to have it checked by a professional jeweler who can make repairs as needed.

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Hello Kitty ... Here, Kitty, Kitty... - Hello Kitty - Hello Kitty party supplies - Hello Kitty jewellery - Hello Kitty phone cases - Hello Kitty kitchen wares - Hello Kitty electronics - Hello Kitty accessories

Hello Kitty has to have one of the biggest merchandise lines ever. 

They have everything from clothes, shoes and laundry baskets to actual planes and weaponry (which will NOT be making an appearance in this post). 

Since I'm more immature than I like to admit, here's a post about some really great Hello Kitty merchandise.

Hello Kitty jewelleryKick-start your collection with some gorgeous
 Hello Kitty jewellery!

An adorable hand-crafted necklace shimmering with silver, black, pink and yellow diamonds. Made of tarnish-free alloy, this is definitely one of the cutest necklaces I've had the pleasure to come across.

These gorgeous sparkly earrings are the perfect match to any outfit! They instantly add an adorable touch, and the Swarovski crystals are definitely hard to miss! I own a pair just like these, so I definitely recommend them for any Hello Kitty lover.
Hello Kitty jewellery

Gorgeous bracelet is covered in Austrian crystals, making miss Kitty's face shine. Nickel and lead-free, who doesn't want something like this?

Hello Kitty jewellery

Another gorgeous, crystal-covered Hello Kitty necklace. Rather than her face, this time it's her general shape, outlined with the use of iridescent crystals. The attention-stealer in this piece is definitely her bow, which uses red crystals instead.

Got enough Hello Kitty jewellery already?

Want more general Hello Kitty in your life? 
(you can never have too much Kitty!)

Check out some of these cool things!

Hello Kitty Bling Compact Mirror

Hello Kitty Bling Compact Mirrors

This cute compact mirror is "blinged out" with tiny crystal jewels.

This glamorous, must-have addition to your purse features a regular mirror on one side and a 3x magnification mirror on the other.

Hello Kitty Noir Eyeshadow and Lip Gloss Palette

Hello Kitty Noir Eyeshadow and Lip Gloss Palette

A gigantic makeup palette featuring Hello Kitty Charmmy products, including 25 eye shadows and 10 lip glosses, all in a collectible tin.
 It's Hello Kitty's biggest makeup palette ever! 
Packed with dozens of colors, this set gives you everything you need to create an unlimited range of looks. 
The tin features a glossy finish and a removable makeup pan, use it for years to come for your favorite Hello Kitty possessions.

hello kitty calculator 

Hello Kitty calculators - 

variety of styles - 

search at alieexpress

Every girl needs a bag to store the umbrella, here's a few cute  Hello Kitty bags, big enough to store all your goodies. A woman can never have too many handbags.

Hello Kitty bags

Hello Kitty Umbrellas

 Staying dry in the rain gets funner with Hello Kitty umbrellas. Your child will adore the cute Hello Kitty design with the adorable Hello Kitty mascot handle.

more fun Hello Kitty bedroom decorating ideas here 

Hello Kitty slippers

Hello Kitty slippers

variety of styles

Comfy, cute and just right for the Hello Kitty fanatic.

Hello Kitty for the car

HELLO KITTY Graphics Auto Car Truck Side View Mirror Stickers Decals

HELLO KITTY Graphics Auto Car Truck Side View Mirror Stickers Decals

Hello Kitty Face Design on Black/Pink Accent Decal sticker for your car or computer. sticks on anything!

Hello Kitty seat covers

Craving the need to make people even more jealous of you as you drive around in your Ferrari?

Hello Kitty seat covers
will help that along nicely.

Who needs tan leather seats when you could have Hello Kitty?

3D Hello kitty Decal Emblem 3M Metal Hello Kitty Auto Car Sticker

A must have if you love Hello Kitty and and want to give your car a little Hello Kitty classy chic bling!

3D Hello kitty Decal Emblem 3M Metal Hello Kitty Auto Car Sticker

Great for decorating the interior or exterior of your car

How about some Hello Kitty technology? 

Hello Kitty mobile phone

It can't get better than this gorgeous, totally pink,

that boasts a touch screen AND a smile-detecing camera.

Who needs iPhones, anyway?


Hello Kitty style

3D Swarovski Luxury Crystal Bling Case Cover for iphone 4 / 4s

3D Swarovski Luxury Crystal Bling Case Cover for iphone 4

This Luxury case is made from real crystals, NOT plastic rhinestones.

This is the real diamond sparkle, you can tell the difference from a mile off.

Bling Hello Kitty case! Unique Design & Superb Quality that you will NOT find elsewhere!

The craftsmanship, attention to detail and overall appearance are outstanding.

It is heavy and durable, sparkly and absolutely perfect.
Hello Kitty phone cases

variety of styles - Hello Kitty phone cases

Sooooo worth the money, stunning bling for the phone

Want more Hello Kitty in your kitchen? Check out these fantastic products!

Hello Kitty Toaster

When I'm sick, all I eat is toast. In my opinion, it's God's gift to man. As an avid Hello Kitty collector, this toaster is perfect! Along with Hello Kitty's cute face, this toaster features 7 different heat settings and a removable crumb tray for easy cleanup!

Hello Kitty Boil Egg Mold

I absolutely can't stand eggs, but make them pink and shape them like Hello Kitty and I will chomp them down.
Be sure to put the egg in the mold while still hot. For best results largest eggs work better with the Hello Kitty mold. For extra yumminess dye the egg pink with a touch of food coloring.

Hello Kitty Boil Egg Mold

Hello Kitty Stockings

fun, festive way to add to the holiday decor of any Hello Kitty fan.

Hello Kitty Stockings - variety

Kurt Adler Hello Kitty Plush Head Stocking.  This red, white-trimmed stocking features the words "Hello Kitty" written above an image of Hello Kitty sitting among Christmas presents beneath a Christmas tree. Coming out of the stocking is a plush Hello Kitty head--she is wearing a sequined red bow, and a tiny Santa hat.