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A cute and fun themed bedroom would be a garden cottage type room. Things to include would be lots of flowers, butterflies, and maybe even a small picket fence. 

Garden Girl Twin Bed
at ababy 

Bring the great outdoors into your bedroom!

This lovely Garden Girl Twin Bed makes you feel the breeze, see the trees, and smell the lilacs!

Designed with intricate detail, the cottage-like head board, in stark white, is graced by a lovely window scene that looks out over the garden.

Your young lady will be eager to climb into her bed, and will soon be transported to the faraway land where sweet dreams lie!

Fun Theme Beds for little girls may include things like princesses and fairies, but some girls want a little garden style bed. Something like this would be perfect. A cottage headboard and picket fence frame, mixed with stuffed toys would make any girl smile.

A fun garden style playhouse like this would look cute in any little girl's room, especially with the cute colors.

A bunk bed for older girls who still love gardens. The colors in this are more cool and sedate, but the room never fails to impress visitors.

A garden themed bedroom; bringing the outdoors in with this cute, pastel decor. Remember to include lots of plants and stuffed animals!

A pink, cottage-style room. Make it look like a picnic area by including a lamp-post, fence, fountain, fake grass and lots of plants!

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Tissue Poms

A hidden garden style bedroom, playroom for little girls.

Fun shelving ideas for the garden themed bedrooms.

Tree Murals - tree wall decals

Fairies and flowers the perfect for the garden themed bedroom. Transform a whole room into a fairy tale garden in minutes

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Fun wall decorations ideas with
3d butterflies and 3d flowers

A cute, slightly more sedate garden-theme room.

A fun, outdoor themed room, with the main focus on butterflies. There are a few things to remember when decorating a room like this: butterflies, butterflies and more butterflies!

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fun floral wallpaper murals

A fun, country-cottage style, this time revolving around flowers.


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A gorgeous floral wall mural, just for a cottage-style room.

variety of wall murals
at murals your way

Tree Murals - tree wall decals

Perhaps you  want to decorate your rooms country style. Be sure to include lots of doilies and tablecloths, along with flowers in vases, as well as a cute pastel colour for the walls.

Another pretty garden themed kitchen, but with blue. Note the lacy curtains which give it an extra-cute touch.

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