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Southwestern - American Indian theme bedrooms - mexican rustic style decor - wolf theme bedrooms - Santa Fe style - wolf bedding - Tipis, Tepees, Teepees

Decorate your master bedroom, guest room or ranch house with this Santa Fe style.


This theme design is influenced heavily by the Native American, Mexican, Spanish heritage with a touch cowboy. 

Domingo Azul Bed  visit  Western Bedroom Furniture at Lonestar
The custom Domingo Azul Bed brings together silver nail heads, scalloped raised wood overlays, and an intricate silver-finished wrought iron cross on the headboard with a vibrant turquoise art finish over a dark brown stain for a completely Western effect. 

Domingo zu Bed- southwestern furniture-southwestern style decorating ideas

The southwestern design is characterized by simplicity, repetition of geometric patterns or motifs, and earthy, vibrant southwest tonal shades.  

Ox Yoke Console Table visit  Western  Furniture at Lonestar

Ox Yoke Console Table

A reclaimed pine wood door top and ox yoke base in a waxed finish give the one-of-a-kind Ox Yoke Console Table with storage drawer authentic Southwestern style.

Express your southwestern side

This giclĂ©e print delivers a vivid image with maximum color accuracy and exceptional resolution. The standard for museums and galleries around the world,  
Variety of south western style prints and posters at all posters

Embodying southwest sophistication with a  burst of color reminiscent of hand paint tiles, pottery and woven Mexican treasures, creates a rustic yet modern feel. Aztec inspired bedding design in Terracotta clay, cactus green, dusty orange, and gold is sure to warm up any space.

Mexican haciendas express a rugged romantic beauty with  rich colors, and natural textures

Timeless Country Bedroom Furniture Collection

Enduring designs are handcrafted in solid wood with chip-carved trim and punched tin panels in the Timeless Country Bedroom Furniture Collection. These rustic maple pieces have a deep Appalachian finish that gives them a beautiful aged quality and feature hammered circle and twig-shaped hardware
available from Black Forest Decor

American West Bedroom Furniture Collection

Create a frontier feeling in your bedroom with the handcrafted, solid wood American West Bedroom Furniture Collection. This rugged collection features mahogany in a warm, distressed Trestle wood finish, adorned with iron brackets, nail heads and specially designed hardware.
available from Black Forest Decor 

Rustic dining

Wolf wall murals - Desert wall murals available from Murals your Way

The Wyoming Collection Pieces feature Speckled Hair on Hide paired with Fargo Chocolate Leather. Special details include Antique Brown Nails and Decorative Hourglass Feet.

Wyoming Living room Collection available from Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor

Drawing from the muted natural reds, browns, creams and blues of the desert surrounding the Grand Canyon and accentuated with Native designs, each piece of the Canyon Dance Earth Bedding Collection brings the ancient beauty of the American southwest to any bedroom

Canyon Dance Earth Bedding Collection at Lone Star Western Bedding

American Indian theme bedrooms - Tipis, Tepees, Teepees

Native American wall murals from murals your way

Create a private play space indoors or enjoy the great outdoors, great backyard, or even your great back room with a fun teepee play tent.

7' Teepee Lights

Teepee Lights

' teepee to create a breath-takingly beautiful sight, and ever more inspiration for imaginary adventures.

Santa Fe Giant Tee Pee

Santa Fe Giant Tee Pee

Sante Fe Giant Tee Pee will stimulate your child's imagination and give them hours of playtime fun! This 36-inch X 36-inch X 67-inches high teepee features mesh windows, zippered door, tunnel hole with flap and great colorful graphics. The durable, polyethylene floor cleans up easily with a damp cloth and mild soap. The shock-corded poles make this tee pee easy to assemble

Tipis were the dwelling places of nomadic Native Americans. Whatever the weather, these tents kept inhabitants dry and comfortable.

Horse wall murals at murals your way

10 Arrows Stencil Kit

10 Arrows Stencil Kit

Native American wall murals at murals your way

Faux fur bedding
more on the South Western Theme Decorating Ideas page

Bring the beauty of wildlife into your bedroom with soft luxurious faux fur bedding

 Forest theme bedrooms - Wolf theme bedrooms

Eagles wall murals at murals your way

variety of plush wolf toys here


variety of wolf bedding at the bedding inn

Western Arrows Allover Stencil

This Western Arrows stencil is featuring a crisp arrow motif often seen on traditional Indian textiles. Simple and stylish, it's perfect for hallways, living rooms and dining rooms alike. It also works perfectly for the boys room or any room with contemporary or South-Western decor. This is a great stencil for beginners, easy to align and also it goes on pretty fast. You can also use this design for stenciling curtains, furniture and pillows.

visit zazzle for novelty throw pillows - variety of themes - western, cowboys, Indian

Warrior Framed Oil Painting

Chief Framed Oil Painting

Indian Arrows Allover Wall Pattern Stencil - DIY Wall Decor - DIY Wallpaper Alternative

Indian Arrows Allover Wall Pattern Stencil - DIY Wallpaper Alternative

Indian Arrows Allover Wall Pattern Stencil - DIY Wall Decor - DIY Wallpaper Alternative

The colors of Mexico in vibrant style

In 1521, when the Spanish arrived in Mexico, they were amazed at the spectacular architecture and complex urban planning they encountered in the great city of Tenochtitlán (modern-day Mexico City). To the native Mayan, Aztec, and Olmec traditions that had flourished throughout Mexico, the Spanish brought their own influences, resulting in an extraordinarily rich design heritage that survives to this day. 

There is charm and character in a Mexican home like no other architectural style.

It is a classic, timeless style, color is everywhere on  vibrantly painted walls in rainbow hues, hand painted tiles cover every surface, and traditional Mexican folk arts adorn walls and furnishings.

Express the elegant simplicity of adobe living

The interior design elements-hand-wrought iron chandeliers, punched tin and copper sconces, painted Mexican-country furniture, early American antiques, Navajo textiles, African folk art, contemporary paintings, New Mexican retablos, and Pueblo pottery-are at happy communion inside the comfortable surrounds of adobe. 

Create Scenic views with curtains

Desert Garden Window Art Curtains

Chac-Mool Mayan Chichen Itza Warrior Sculpture

Temple of the Warriors, Chichen Itza, Mexico. 1000 A.D. Chac Mools (reclining man statues) have been found across Mesoamerica, from El Salvador to Michoacan, although most of the best examples come from Chichen Itza and Tula. This Toltec style offertory figure is in its typical half-reclining position, supporting himself at the elbows, with its head turned to one side. The bowl held on the chests of Chac Mools were receptacles for offerings; in one Aztec example, the bowl held by the ChacMool was a receptacle for the hearts of sacrificial victims. Chac-Mools may symbolize fallen warriors who deliver offerings to the gods. The original of this Chac Mool is located in a wide platform in front of the entrance to the Temple of the Warriors in Chichen Itza; it is positioned between two large splendidly carved feathered serpent columns that symbolize the god Kukulcan. The term Chac Mool was coined by the 19th century explorer Augustus LePlongeon, and it literally means great jaguar paw in Yucatec Mayan.

Mayan Head Box - Collectible Decoration Container







Meso America - Atlantean Shelf - Collectible Figurine Statue Sculpture

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