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Explore the world and sail the seven seas without ever leaving your room

Decorating ideas for the travel room theme and travel theme decorations

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Travel is very common today, allowing people of varying cultures to intermingle and learn from each other. Because of this intermingling, recipes, clothing fashions and decorating styles from different cultures are found all across the globe. If you’re interested in incorporating decorations from a foreign culture into your home’s décor, consider using a wall mural to get your decorating started on the right track.

Showcasing global city landmarks, this artistic wall mural is perfect for globetrotters and daydreamers alike.  

Light-Up Animals-around-the-World Pink Globe
This globe is pretty in pink! With a sparkly base and political boundaries and oceans in different shades of pink, this ultra-feminine globe is also ultra-detailed and full of educational value. Plus, it offers a look into the different land and marine animals from different parts of the world. Another added bonus: The globe lights up, so it can transition into a nifty night light

Light-up Pink Globe

Even the girliest of girls needs a globe! Girls will adore this highly detailed globe featuring a sparkly base and political boundaries in different shades of pink. The globe also lights up, so it can transition into a nifty night light. Made in Italy.

Globe Doorknob - perfect decorative addition to the travel theme bedroom

Give the WOW factor to your travel themed bedrooms

From the early part of our childhood, the globe has taught us our world and all of its geography, topography and enchantments. The transformed and re-purposed globe into a hanging light fixture will continue to enlighten from above.

Nothing like ART & FUNCTION all in one! Perfect for the world traveler or one who aspires to be. 

Sojourn in your sleep with this suitcase-inspired floor pillow!

Touting a fabric handle and other luggage-like accents, this rectangular cushion easily adds comfortable seating to your favorite space.

In your choice of either bright-teal or brown-and-yellow, this home accessory doubles as a delightful little dog bed.

Feel like a jets better by just moseying into your living room with this  travel-motif pillow!

postcard murals  - search for:  postcard wallpaper murals - at  ali express

Travel around the world

European Style Framed Canvas Print

Lately Lily London Bedding  girls bedding at land of nod kids bedding

Your bedroom can't really take a vacation to London. So why not bring London to your bedroom?  Lately Lily features a rainy appliquéd and embroidered London scene, complete with a red phone booth and double-decker bus. Pair it with the Raindrop Iconic Sheet Set and your bed will be quite a sight.

These fun lights were designed as a playful take on lighting with a real sense of cultural identity. The hat is an object that often associates its wearer with a particular society, heritage or race. The bowler hat is a classic British cultural icon reflecting a bygone era of imperialism, class divide, and eccentricity. Aptly named after the British comedy series "Jeeves and Wooster" by P.G. Wodehouse.

If you’ve traveled to Asia, bold reds and yellows are a common theme for Asian décor. You might be interested in a large fan wall mural or Japanese-style garden image to establish the room’s theme.
Italian decorating themes are also very popular, especially in kitchens or living areas. If that’s the case for your home, you might be interested in a wall mural featuring a vineyard or a town hugging the cliff overlooking the ocean.


  Passport bedding at bedding superstore US & CA

 World Monuments Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Graphics

Global travel decorating ideas for the globe trotters ........

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. If you scroll down, you'll see an array of travel themed decorations providing the perfect accents for your travel themed bedroom. 

European Wall Murals Transport You to Europe Without a Plane Flight.

Global style wall murals add a traveling flare to a room's decor.

Hanging wallpaper murals featuring the Eiffel Tower in France, the scenic city scapes of towns overlooking the ocean in Greece, or even some of the ancient Roman architecture in Italy quickly and easily establishes a jet-setting trend for the room.

Even if you haven't been to Norway, Denmark or Germany, you can still enjoy the cultural landscapes with a European wall mural in any room of your home. Are you a fan of the Beatles? The famous street crosswalk on Abbey Road can adorn the wall of your bedroom, and if you print it big enough to be life-sized, why not pose as one of the famous musicians while crossing the street?

Many of the European wall murals at  Murals Your Way  are landscape format, which makes them perfect for surrounding a room on all four walls. Ever wanted to feel like you're sitting in the middle of a bullfight in Spain? Landscape your room with a scene from Plaza Monumental De Las Ventas, and it won't take much to imagine the dust, the snorting of the bull and the cheers from the stands.

  Passport Blue bedding at bedding superstore US & CA

Passport Blue by Alamode takes your dreams on a world wide adventure. With images and stories of famous citys around the globe, you can travel without ever leaving the comforts of home. The addition of the Postcard pillows, Union Jack cushion and the Passport and Spun Silk euro shams make the look your own, The blue is a beautiful marine blue for a modern addition to this very popular pattern. Passport is reversible from white with blue to blue with white making changing your style as easy as a flip of the duvet.

Forgot your New York Souvenir?

New York Stamp - wall decal, sticker, mural

 Or just want to bring a little of New York color into your home?

Cityscape  skyscrapers colorized using a palette of electric pinks, green, blues and oranges.

New York Downtown Duvet Covers
New York Colorized Skyline Canvas Photo Print

Times Square NY Taxi Art Poster Print

Fuzzy Fur Bean Bag Chairs

Mini Chandeliers 

Design Ideas Doodles Destinations, Empire State Building

Add decorative accents from each city

World travel theme has many variants - Countries, capitals, major cities - New York, Paris, Rome, London.

A bright red bus passes on Westminster bridge in this artistic wall mural.

Blake by alamode bedding superstore US & CA


British Telephone Booth Display Cabinet

Queen's Guard, 85" H

Perfect for any British themed event or theme bedroom, playroom, man cave.

Red Phone Booth Media Cabinets - variety

Big Ben wall murals - at murals your way

Kian by Alamode at bedding superstore

A new plaid pattern done in red, white and blue. Shown with the Union Jack pillow, Kian sends a nod to your British heritage... or simply choose to show your Patriotic side and choose only to accessorize with the navy and red pillows shown on the bed as well.

These stunning voile curtains are made from a luxurious snow voile, pattern printed with an iconic red London phone box and a bustling London scene. Created with easy care fabric and a contemporary ring top header.

Paris Storage Drum Set at overstock furniture

This Paris storage drum set includes two decorative drums in a tan burlap finish with classic postcard designs which inspire an air of travel. The edges feature black trim with copper finish nails, adding to the suggestion of the journey abroad. The drums can be stacked in a corner or placed side by side for a beautiful addition to any room. The drum lids remove easily to reveal interior storage space that is perfect for small household items. This Paris storage drum set will add artistic charm to the family room, home office, or bedroom. This set adds a lively character to homes with modern or vintage decor.

From Paris to Rio de Janeiro, you can bring a cultural feel into your home starting with a wall mural and then adding other simple touches in furniture style, colors, fabrics and even decorating items. For example, if you’re going for a Latin feel, hot and tropical with tons of color is the way to go. Decorate the walls with white plaster, hang a wall mural of cacti or sombreros, find fabrics with beautiful colors to throw over furniture or hang on the walls and place beautiful stoneware pottery on the shelves.

Windsor Sable by St. Geneve at bedding superstore
Glamorous and classic jacquard combining a bold medallion with contrasting bands. Available in 2 colour choices: Blue with Capri Sand as the coordinate or Sable with the Graphite Coordinate.

Old world style with touches from the Orient for the exotic Eclectic traveller.

The World explorer, which could also fit in a pirate themed bedroom, a nautical themed room or even steampunk

You’ll adore the muted pink tones of this map-inspired sham set, and may notice a spike in REM-state adventuring once you've placed this gorgeous geography atop your bed!

Vintage Travel Bedroom - Vintage postcards and stamps

Transportation theme - aviation - boats - trains
Accent with model trains, hanging planes and toy cars to enhance the travel theme.

Boarding Pass Throw Pillow at land of nod

 Who needs a seat cushion that doubles as a floatation device when your boarding pass can double as a throw pillow? And a pretty darn comfy one, too.

Come Fly With Me Rug at land of nod

Transportation theme - aviation - boats - trains 

Accent with model trains, hanging planes, authentic ship models.

Map out your travels

Decorate the bedroom with fun travel theme throw pillows 

Travel posters retro vintage Europe Asia USA throw pillows - Vintage Pink Paris Collage romantic pillow -

European Traveler throw pillow - Tower Bridge Throw Pillows - Vintage Travel Postcards Pillows -


Accent your home with custom pillows from Zazzle. These soft pillows look great with your designs, text, monogram, and photos.

So many countries, so little time! If you're unsure of which country to model your room after, why not hang an international flag banner up so you can celebrate them all?

This International Flag Banner features flags from across the globe - Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany and more. Each all-weather polyethylene International Flag Banner is 12 inches high x 14 feet 6 inches long. This International Flag Banner will take your celebration around the world.

Accent with globes

world traveler nursery 

Travel theme nursery for baby can be vintage style or bright and colorful. 

Incredibly detailed hand appliqued and embroidered patches depict a canoe ride through the Amazon, a safari through the Serengeti, and even a trip to the moon. These create a few of the exciting adventures crafted on these quilts.

Decorate the British Colonial themed room with a few oversized friends and turn Out of Africa into out of this world awesome!

British colonial adventure theme bedroom

Also visit the Safari Themed Bedrooms for more decorating ideas

Bring in a touch of the African Safari into the home

Bring the essence of faraway lands to your decor with Global Mix style.

An antique finish floor lamp with Old World charm and an oil-rubbed bronze with amber glass chandelier are reminiscent of another time, while a plush chair draped in an exotic pattern and a rustic reclaimed wood accent table transport you to another place. Global Mix style adds that luxurious, well-traveled feel to your living room.

Double Glass 31 1/2" Wide Oil-Rubbed Bronze Chandelier
An eye-catching oil-rubbed bronze ceiling fixture, this 8-light design will create a focal point wherever it is hung. A round structure surrounds another round structure that holds the lights in amber glass surrounded by clear glass. An oil-rubbed bronze round ceiling canopy echoes the circular motif of the lower part of the fixture.

Hudson Hand-Blown Glass Jar Table Lamp Clear is in, as in clear glass. This hand-blown table lamp features a classic jar shape, with a bronze finish frame visible through the glass. Up top is a burlap shade and a clear glass finial. Round pedestal at the bottom is in a black finish.

Possini Antique Gold Openwork Floor Lamp with 4 Lights Add light to your living space while complementing a traditional or Old World inspired home decor with this antique gold floor lamp. The design is stately and refined with a beige faux silk drum shade and onyx font. From the Possini lighting collection.

Adana Falls Cypress Allesandra Armless Club Chair
This plush armless club chair offers a stylish and alluring addition to your living space. The contemporary look is rich and exotic with a warm Adana Falls Cypress ikat pattern over polyester fabric upholstery. Solid wood frame in a dark espresso finish with thick polyurethane CA fire retardant foam cushioning for supreme comfort and support.

above decor is available from Lamps Plus

Vintage Travel Themed Bedroom

Display your foreign coin collection. Create a wall collage of all your postcards. 

Decoupage hotel pamphlets, street maps, postcards.

Fun suitcase wall shelf

Seafarer bedroom

Old suitcases and trunks make for ideal furniture accessories for the travel themed bedrooms.

Clever use of a suitcase - suitcase storage - suitcase side dresser

World travel-inspired decor. Decorative accents from different countries.
Dedicate a wall to your fav city

Around the world themed bedrooms

You don’t even have to have traveled to a foreign country to incorporate its cultural design in your home. If you’ve always wanted to travel to Scotland, but haven’t been able to organize a trip, you can still create a Scottish Highlands room in your house, where you can escape to dream about one day in the future when you’ll pack your bags and board a plane for Edinburgh. Once you have the right wall mural picked out – castles or golf courses are good options for the Scottish Highlands – look online for plaids, sheep, bagpipers, and anything the color of purple heather, to perfect the theme.

Global travel theme decorating ideas, transform your living space from ordinary to extraordinary

With a culture-themed room in your home, you’ll have visitors asking about your traveling experiences and knowledge, opening up plenty of opportunities for story-sharing and discussions. And as you take more journeys overseas into foreign cultures, you can consider changing the decoration in the room to reflect your most recent travels, making your home very multicultural.

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