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Hot air balloon bedroom ideas - decorating with hot air balloons

It's Up, up and away! 

Capture the beauty and magnificence of hot air balloons in flight.

Hot Air Balloon Theme Bedroom Decorating Ideas and Hot Air Balloon decor

The hot air balloon decorating theme would be ideal for 
a boy and girl sharing a bedroom 
with other modes of transportation incorporated into the room, 
fluffy clouds, a roadway and a lot of greenery to bring it all together.

fun hanging hot air balloons - variety of colors

Or as in this picture, for the girls, a luxurious vintage style hot air balloon bedroom

more Elegant Hot Air Balloons vintage style bedroom pictures here
Antique Hot air balloons painted on walls with beautiful Toile and silk fabrics in bedding and curtains.


For the baby hot air balloon nursery, again, lots of fluffy clouds, a smiling sun, a colorful rainbow and a mix of hanging hot air balloons and perhaps a few hot air balloons painted on the walls, of to make it easier, hot air balloon wall decals or hot air balloon wall murals.

Float away with these dreamy

Unique light shade in the style of a hot air balloon.

Beautifully handmade, with ribbon and string detail, carefully placed organza and satin bows and a Tatty Teddy in a wicker basket.

It is as beautiful turned off as it is on, and will give any nursery/room's decor a fun whimsical touch.

The design is called BEAUTIFUL BALLOONS.........Did you know? The very first hot air balloon flight took place in the French countryside near Versailles in 1783 and it's first passengers were a lamb, a hen and a duck? Hot air balloons gently drifting in the morning breeze are a beautiful sight to behold. This design from Hiccups features an array of colorful and delicately patterned balloons floating above a serene and rural landscape.

Decorate a room fit for serene skies with hot air balloon wall decals in stripes, spirals, and stars.

Arrival time, even arrival place is unpredictable at best, but the view of your shadow skimming the hilltops while life down below stops to watch you glide is breathtaking. Imagine the thrill of a hot air balloon in your own home.

Add an old-fashioned feel with brown and blue to create a palette that's timeless and stylish

Fly sky high with the Roziere Hot Air Balloon Chandelier! Features multiple colors of round beads and tear drops with four arms. 

The Balloon Rally Crib bedding conjures romantic dreams of soaring through the skies in old world hot-air ships. Rich hues of turquoise, burgundy, yellow, and grey create a lush, whimsical palette that surrounds your little one with soothing tones for slumber. The crib bumper has a pleated yellow fringe and crib ties in grey ticking. The elegant pleated skirt is made out of the same grey ticking and reveals a soft yellow panel and is finished with little green bows. All together this set sparks the imagination and makes a truly unique setting for your newborn adventurer.

Unique design - hot air balloon style lighting

Up, up and away in our beautiful balloons

Oh la la! Create a whimsical mural on your walls with this fantastic MegaPack. Each pack contains hot air balloons, clouds, and a HUGE recreation of the Eiffel Tower.

Cheerful bedding features pink and lavender bedding that would be a great addition to any little girl's room. Its decorative pillows feature fun Parisian sayings and images.

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Hot Air Balloon Theme Bedroom Decorating Ideas and Hot Air Balloon decor


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