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Decorative windows - walls - doors


Create a relaxing window view
 when there is no view, or window

Create a fake, yet calming and beautiful, window view

 Get creative with your wall murals as window decorations.

With a little imagination, this idea can work for any decorating theme.

 It'll definitely trick your friends!

Add a frame, border, shutters and/or curtains to create the illusion of a real window view.

 murals your way
for a variety of wall mural themes

Window - Walls - Doors MURALS BLOG
Bored with your bedroom door,  need more privacy on those windows, lifeless walls?
 no need to be  ......  as  there are quite a few options available to bring those doors, windows and walls and even ceilings to life .....with .....  indoor wall and ceiling  murals and outdoor wall murals.

Create a fun cloud shaped window cornice

Paint boring roller blinds with craft paints to match in with the bedroom theme. If you are not artistic, stamps and stencils will work just as well.

Both brushes and sponges will work on the roller blinds and vertical blinds

Paint vertical blinds with wall paints to match the color scheme of the room

jungle leaf window treatments and thatch roof style window treatments, 
work great in 
and for the

lots more thatch roof style window decorations in the Beach Theme Bedroom Pictures Blog

A rustic theme - fun faux window decorating idea

A rustic twig window treatment for the log cabin themed room need not be its natural color, it can be painted to stand out against the background color.


Attach artificial vines to the mural vines and extend them out into the room with grapes hanging from them.


Artificial plants can be used anywhere around the house. Steel wires used partially to hold the shape, makes it easy to bend or shape to your satisfaction 

DIY Styrofoam - No Sewing Cornice Kit

DIY Styrofoam No Sewing Cornice Ki

Assemble - Decorate - Hang - That's all there is to it! No Sewing!

The styrofoam pieces are glued together using a low temperature glue gun.

DIY Styrofoam No Sewing Cornice Kit  window decorations

Corner Window Adapters make it super easy to accommodate those tough to measure angles.

DIY Styrofoam No Sewing Cornice Corner Windows

DIY Styrofoam - No Sewing Cornice Kit

French Cafe style decorating ideas

visit   murals your way  for a variety of wall mural themes

Concrete Blocks Wall Mural - Bricks Wall Mural 
and  Loft Wall Mural

 Loft Wall Mural Concrete Blocks Wall Mural  Loft Wall Mural

Urban theme bedroom ideas blog

Needing privacy for your windows? Wanting a better view through the looking glass?

window wallpaper New Leaf Window Film

3D Static Decorative Privacy Window Films

3D Static Decorative Privacy Window Films


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