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It's a jungle in here!

Stuffed animals are a favorite gift for family and friends to present to parents with a new baby. 

Visit Baby Bedrooms Jungle Theme Decorating Ideas and Decor

Why not develop that gift into a theme with animals in extra large or real size all over the walls?

Cute and Cuddly, Curtain Critters Plush Jungle Safari Collector Set makes the perfect gift! Have a safari, jungle, elephant or wild animal theme room? Much more than just stuffed animals, children love to take these soft, huggable elephants everywhere they go, on strollers, backpacks, car seats, and even luggage! In quiet times they love to snuggle, then at bedtime its back on the crib, bedpost or curtain to watch over their new best friend! All Curtain Critters come with an elastic safety loop on the back of the head for easy wall attachment as a curtain tieback and child friendly velcro pads to keep the hands firmly in place wherever they go. Head is approximately 5 inches in diameter and arms are standard curtain tieback length.

Monkey Tree and Branch Vine- Baby Nursery Vinyl Wall Decals

Designer Wildlife Cradle baby jungle safari themed nursery decorating ideas

Treat your little one to a night in the safari with our magnificent Designer Wildlife Cradle. Hand-painted with bold and contrasting zebra and leopard print, and an artistic painting of two leopards on the headboards, this cradle is as wild as the Serengeti. It’s a one-of-a-kind rocking cradle, for that special little someone.

Sunny Safari Hanger

Make your children’s closet look attractive with the Fantasy Fields Sunny Safari Hanger (Set of 4). This hanger set includes four hand carved hangers in the shape of animals in the jungle like zebra, monkey, giraffe, and lion. These hangers have a wooden construction, which makes it sturdy and durable. This set of hangers does not have sharp edged corners, making it safe for kids. It is a perfect addition to a child’s closet or valet rack.


SoftTiles Safari Animals Foam Play Mat

SoftTiles easily transform hardwood floors and concrete basements into fun soft playrooms. Simply interlock the pieces to create soft cushioned surfaces that are perfect for infants and toddlers crawling and learning to walk. Great surface for older children too. Parents and grandparents getting on the ground to play with the kids will appreciate the softness too.

Silly Safari  Animals  wall - Reusable Wall Decoration

Silly Safari  Animals  wall - Reusable Wall Decorations

Walls of the wild wall mural sticker decals

Decorate the jungle nursery with cute baby animal wall decals


These fun jungle animal repositionable wall decals really make an impact. Place them aroung corners or peeking out from behind objects in your room to give the effect that they are interacting with your environment. Alligator - 16" x 10"; Tiger - 28" x 25 1/2"; Giraffe - 9" x 26 3/4"; Monkey - 17" x 16 1/2"

Jungle Animals wall mural at magic murals

Jungle Animals wall mural Jazzie Jungle Boy Toddler bedding jungle themed bedrooms

One Grace Place Jazzie Jungle Boy Toddler Bedding Set 4 Piece
at target

journey through the jungle among monkeys that hoot, ocelots that pounce, parrots that squawk, and boas that squeeze

lots of fun jungle theme bedroom decor click here

Friendly jungle animals are ready to decorate your baby's nursery in the cutest possible way. Think of monkeys driving a jeep, or a crocodile reading a map. A hippo and an elephant splashing in water as zebras, giraffes and lions lounge nearby.

Modern style jungle theme baby bedrooms

Sabrina Soto Safari Nursery Room decor at Target

Sabrina Soto Safari Nursery Room decor

Lion Head Wall Decor    -    Zebra Head Wall Decor
Friendly safari animals come to life in a hand-drawn print in an array of bright colors! The reversible comforter features a bright yellow triangle pattern with pops of lime on a white...

The Peanut Shell Safari 4 Piece Crib Bedding Se

The little one will "go wild” over the stylish Safari bedding collection. The bedding presents a fashion forward design featuring a combination of 100% cotton sateen prints such as brush-stroke stripe, safari animal silhouettes, graphic triangles and confetti in black, white, and metallic gold. The four piece set includes an appliqued quilt, dust ruffle and two fitted crib sheets. One sheet features elephant and giraffe silhouettes in black on a white ground and the other has bold black triangles on white. A perfectly neutral design for any boy or girl's nursery.

wild animals - jungle safari animals wall decorations

wild animals jungle safari animals wall decorations safari animals wall decorations

The Gathering Place - wall mural

Families of elephants, giraffes, zebras and wildebeest gather at the edge of a watering hole in this African-themed wall mural. In the background, misty mountains reach towards a blue sky filled with fluffy clouds.

Jungle wall murals at 


Murals Your Way has a huge collection of animal murals featuring the tiniest critters to the largest beasts roaming the earth. Baby animals are also very popular - adding a very nice touch to the selection of murals for nurseries. There's a wonderful combination of cute and cuddly images of individuals animals like deer, penguins and even monkeys, as well as murals featuring full flocks of jungle animals, zoo animals and even cartoon animals.

Jungle wall murals at 

Evening in the jungle is when animals gather at the water's edge. Cranes, toucans and other exotic birds share space with tigers, chimps and even a rhinoceros. The soft blue of the stream contrasts nicely with the rich green foliage in a mural so inviting you'll be tempted to smell the flowers.

Bee theme decor

Jungle animals photo wall paper - safari mural - XXL jungle wall decoration children room

Theme Beds here

Take a walk on the wild side! Create an imaginative and spectacular space for your child with our Wild Jungle Safari Mural Stencil kit

Paint your own jungle theme mural in a weekend! - 30 Jungle Safari theme wall stencils for kids room and baby nursery

Just peel and stick and you'll have a colorful jungle safari theme room in minutes. Perfect baby rooms, toddler rooms and boys and girls alike. This delightful jungle wall sticker kit boasts a "handmade-paper-meets-wall-sticker" look that is truly unique and undeniably striking. It is made from SafeClingTM, an innovative fabric adhesive material that is repositionale and layerable and won't stretch or tear and leaves no residue when removed from the walls. This jungle wall sticker kit contains: two large 6-foot jungle tree wall stickers, giraffe wall sticker, mama elephant wall sticker, baby elephant wall sticker, tiger wall sticker, lion wall sticker, lion cub wall sticker, zebra wall sticker, macaw wall sticker, toucan wall sticker, lizard wall sticker, tree frog wall sticker, 2 swinging monkey wall stickers, butterfly wall sticker, hummingbird wall sticker, lizard wall sticker, 4 small bird wall stickers, Bromeliad wall sticker, 3 cloud wall stickers, Bird-of-Paradise wall sticker, 5 jungle bush wall stickers, and 8 hibiscus flower wall stickers. You can also purchase a personalized name sign (sold separately).

Animal Laughs 2 wall mural at murals your way

Woodland critters join pets and jungle animals in this nursery wall mural which can be personalized for your child. A monkey holds a wooden sign that will display your baby's name, weight and date of birth or any message you choose.

Wallsy Tales - Nursery Murals

Your child will love the bright, whimsical colors and bold shapes. 

You will love how easy to install. Parents rank Wallsy Tales a 5 Star Rating. 

Customize and transform your child's room with a totally unique 3D wall mural.

Featuring cute, happy animals that are durable, yet super lightweight. 

Clear coating protects from curious little hands. Create a larger-than-life experience with Dan Dalion (lion), Sam Sam (panda), Elle Bellephante (elephant), Gruff Illagor (gorilla), Beezer (bee), and Buddyfly (butterfly). Bonus mail-in coupon for FREE board book story. Captivate your child's imagination with every page coming to life on your child's wall.

jungle/monkey themed nursery decor

Sun decor here

variety of different color choices

monkeys are at play

The Watering Hole wall mural at murals your way

The thick trunks of several baobab trees give a feeling of permanence to this wall mural of zebra and giraffe gathering at a watering hole on a savanna grassland.

Snuggleberry Baby African Dream 6 Piece Crib Bedding Set with Storybook

Decorate baby jungle nursery walls with fun jungle animal murals and animal print stencils

Giraffe Print Wall and Floor Stencils
stencil ease
Leopard Print Wall and Floor Stencils

Theme Beds here

Spraying Elephant Vinyl Wall Art Decal Sticker

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