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  - allow your boys personality to be part of the decorating process -

Stone-Filled Creek wall mural at magic murals

Platform Bed with Club House and Storage

no girls allowed club house style bedroom decorating ideas here

Picket Fence Wall Decal - Vinyl Floral Tree Decal - Vintage Bike Decal

 visit Boys Theme Bedrooms for lots of decorating ideas

  - He may have ideas of his own -

Liven things up with peel-and-stick wall decals 

boys theme bedrooms - camo themed rooms - sports themed bedrooms - boys rooms

Allow him to pick a special accessory or wall decal; so, you can focus on the bigger picture.

When choosing color, be sure that it reflects both the mood of the room and of the little one in it - and do involve him in the process. 

Gray, tan, and white partner well together to give a soothing feel to the space. In a room with light blue walls, pops of green, brown, and yellow will create the feel of a jungle theme.

Red, yellow, and orange accents not only brighten and liven up the room; they also have the power to stimulate your little guy's mind and spark creative thought!

Furniture occasionally needs somebody to lean on, too.

boys bedrooms study

space saving desk and bookcase
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Cotton Sanded Fabric Luxury Train O13 boys bedding

boys bedrooms

Cotton Fabric American Bedding P7 Duvet Cover Set

Cotton Fabric Britain Flag Bedding

Furniture of America Ackerson

Reclaimed wood in a weathered finish - for the rough and tough boys

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