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in-home Vegas night .....

Blackjack , roulette wheels, poker chips, and money, 


time to place your bets 


Do you feel lucky?

Las Vegas Sticker

One Hundred Dollar Bill  Throw

King or Queen Card Oblong Decorative Pillow search at JCPENNEY

King or Queen Card Oblong Decorative Pillow

Play your best hand with our royal decorative pillow that's sure to elevate the "wow factor" of your decor.

3D Dollar Design Wall Sticker   at  wall art at bedding inn

3D Dollar Design Wall Sticker

Casino Bedding
- variety of patterns to choose

search at cafepress bedding

Casino Chip - Red Queen Duvet   -   dice1 Queen Duvet   -   ace woman pattern King Duvet
slot machine Twin Duvet   -   Bingo Babe Twin Duvet

search at cafepress bedding

Gambling Vegas 60" Curtains

at cafepress shower curtains

Casino Days Curtains

at cafepress shower curtains

Ace of Spades Throw Pillow

Ace of Spades Throw Pillow

variety of ...... casino throw pillows

casino throw pillows

variety of ...... casino throw pillows

 search at cafepress pillows

Roulette Table Woven Throw Pillow


Roulette Table Woven Throw Pillow

variety of ...... casino throw pillows

 search at cafepress pillows

No Limit Hold 'em Wall Mural

Casino Party Props  visit Shindigz party store

Make your casino party a high rollin' event  and bring the lights and excitement of Las Vegas to any venue

Jackpot Theme Kit lets you feel like you're the casino winner.

Casino Party Props  visit Shindigz party store


Announce your party in style!
High Stakes Casino Sign will add light and fun to your casino themed party. This 34 inch x 5 feet long cardboard sign is lined with 50 clear twinkle lights and features a metallic red and gold. Easy assembly

Hit the decorating jackpot with this Fabulous Las Vegas Kit.

The Fabulous Las Vegas Kit will give your party an authentic look of Vegas complete with slot machine, dice and poker chip standee. This Fabulous Las Vegas Theme Kit includes the following items:
  • 1 - Welcome to Las Vegas Entrance
  • 1 - Las Vegas Slot Machine
  • 1 - Las Vegas Giant Poker Chip
  • 3 - Giant Rhinestone Dice
  • 1 - Slot Machine Symbol Standees
Welcome to Las Vegas Entrance
Our 10 feet 4 inches high x 6 feet wide printed cardboard arch includes string lights to give a winning look! Assembly required.
Las Vegas Slot Machine
This cardboard Vegas Slot Machine stands 7 feet 4 inches high x 11 feet wide and is free-standing and printed on one side. Included with the slot machine standee are string lights to give a glowing effect. Assembly required.
Las Vegas Giant Poker Chip
Our Las Vegas Giant Poker Chip may be personalized with custom wording to match your event theme. Each 4 feet 11 inches high x 4 feet 10 inch wide cardboard poker chip is printed on one side and includes string lights. Easy assembly.
Giant Rhinestone Dice
Receive a set of three - 3 feet 1 inch square cardboard dice. Each dice is printed on all sides. Assembly required.
Slot Machine Symbol Standees
These 4 1/2 feet high cardboard standees are one-sided and free-standing. The set consists of cherries, a number seven and a bar cutout. Includes string lights. Easy assembly.

Giant Playing Cards

Aces Wild! - Giant Playing Cards are a great way to jazz up your walls! Each card is made of cardstock and measures 18 x 25 inches and is sold in a set of four. The backside of each large playing card has a blue design. Use these Giant Playing Cards at any casino themed event to decorate walls.

Giant White  Dice party decorating props click here

Giant Red  Dice party decorating props click here

Keep the party rollin’ all night!
The Giant Red Dice is the perfect item to your to decorate your casino themed party with. Provide the perfect decoration for your casino night with these 30 inch x 30 inch giant red cardboard dice. Easy assembly.

Welcome to Las Vega


Welcome to Las Vegas Entrance has columns that look like the city lit up in the night sky accented with the lighted famous sign on the top. 
Each Welcome to Las Vegas Entrance measures 10 feet 4 inches high x 6 feet wide and is made from cardboard. 
Your guests will love to have their photo taken with this fantastic Welcome to Las Vegas Entrance. 
Assembly required.

Casino Party Props Create Unique Casino Focal Points

Transform your party space into a lush casino using casino props to capture the attractions and opulent atmosphere. Props and standees such as the personalized giant poker chip or a slot machine standee are great for photo ops or big entrances.

Vegas Escape Theme Kit

Transform your event into a casino night with our Vegas Escape Theme Kit!

This Vegas Escape Theme Kit will declare that everyone who attends the event is a sure-fire winner! Each Vegas Escape Kit includes the following fabulous items:
  • 1 - Slot Machine Arch
  • 1 - Jackpot Slots Standee
  • 3 - Casino Chip Columns
  • 1 - Card-suit Backdrop w/Lights
  • 1 - Poker Chips Set
Slot Machine Arch
This 10 feet 9 high x 7 feet wide x 12 inch deep cardboard slot machine arch is the perfect touch to your Vegas themed event. Assembly required.
Jackpot Slots Standee
Make your guests feel like they're on the Vegas strip with this 6 feet 10 inch high x 3 feet 10 inch wide x 12 inch deep cardboard Jackpot Slots Standee. Assembly required.
Casino Chip Column (3 included)
Included in your kit are three cardboard Casino Chip Columns measuring 8 feet 10 inches high x 1 foot 7 inches deep. Assembly required.
Card Suit Backdrop w/Lights
Use these backdrops to create the perfect Vegas scene! The diamond measures 7 feet wide x 7 1/2 feet high. The heart is just over 7 1/2 feet wide x 7 1/2 feet tall. The club and spade each measure 4 feet wide x 7 feet 10 inches high. This set of four printed cardboard card suits include string lights. Assembly required.
Cardboard Poker Chips
Place this set of six Cardboard Poker Chips on tabletops, floors or walls to add color and liveliness to your event. Each Poker Chip measures 19 inches in diameter.

Personalize this Jackpot Slots Standee for your upcoming casino night!

Try your luck at the roulette wheel!

Ideas for Casino Decorations

  • Hang casino banners.
  • Casino Photo Ops are large party props that your guests can take eventful photos in.
  • Personalize your Night in Vegas Backdrop for a fabulous focal point at your event.
  • Hand out these great Casino Beads at the door as your guests enter your casino party.
  • Fill several Slot Machine Mylar Balloons, add coordinating casino themed latex balloons or solid latex colored balloons, and make your room come alive with excitement!

Large Casino Party Decorations
  • Display a bright casino sign.
  • Make a bold entryway with a roulette arch.

Casino Theme Decorations
  • Accent your complete décor with giant dice casino party props.
  • A lighted dice column casino party prop brightens and decorates the room or stage.

Casino Backgrounds & Decorating Tips

Casino backgrounds  make your party props and other decorations really prop. Casino backgrounds set the scene for fun and gambling games. Roulette wheel background features a beautiful photo of a roulette wheel perfect for behind the game table. The is a great way to establish your high-roller theme.

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