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Do you love sharks? .......... 

Do you dream of swimming with sharks?


He’s quick. He’s silent. 
He has lots of deadly sharp teeth.

Create an awesome Shark Bedroom

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Great White Shark wall mural
at magic murals

Royal Blue Calvin Stripe bedding

Transform your room from boring - and turn it into a shark infested underwater world that any child - big or small  - would love!

Dress the bed with novelty shark bedding

shark Sheet Sets

Shark bedding - variety of styles and sizes
search for shark duvet at cafepress bedding

Shark Blanket by Blankie Tails - Gray and Deep Blue

Shark Blanket by Blankie Tails - Gray and Deep Blue

Great for cuddling, sleeping, watching TV, reading, playing video games, taking a nap, sleepovers, and anywhere else you would want an awesome blanket. Plus this cool blanket can be used as a stuffed animal or toy storage bag or pouch.

variety of shark murals at murals your way

This shark wall clock adds a fun accent to beach themed decor, and it makes a great gift for your favorite surfer. It features a great white shark, cruising by, with a tiny surfer taking a risk to ride the waves. Designed by Michelle Allen, little surfboards act as clock hands and a whimsical quality makes this big shark not so scary.

Yellow Shark Attack Duvet Cover Set

shark bedding shark wall mural

Shark Attack Comforter Set

Shark Style Comfort Sofa

Custom Name Shark Wall Decal

The Shark Handbook: Guide for Understanding the Sharks

Greg Skomal is one of the world’s leading shark experts: many thousands of viewers know him as the “Shark Guy” on Discovery Channel and he’s affiliated with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

 So if you’re dreaming of swimming with sharks, there’s no one better to take you—and that’s exactly what he does in this comprehensive, stunning field guide.

In addition to an awesome gatefold poster of a Great White (with all its distinguishing features shown in detail), plus amazing original images from Skomal and award-winning National Geographic photographer Nick Caloyianis, it contains a complete listing of every known shark in existence as well as some extinct species.

Learn about sharks from their birth to death, their anatomy, how to distinguish one shark from the next, how their teeth are developed, how they hunt and attack, and their importance and purpose within our eco system.


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