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Microdermabrasion Scrub

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*Spa quality with in-home convenience*

Now you can erase the signs of time in the comfort of your own home! 

Microdermabrasion Scrub


FreshFace is an at home microdermabrasion resurfacing cream .... that WORKS !!! 
FreshFace microdermabrasion cream is a skin make-over in a jar. Smooth on this exfoliating face cream to rinse away older cells and expose a refreshed face. Healthier skin cells have the opportunity to grow, so skin appears at its best – more youthful in texture and tone.

FreshFace gets rid of dry, itchy red skin! 
Use everyday for best results!!!!

So...What is FreshFace?
Acne scars or any type damage to the skin can eventually be removed by continued use of FreshFace. It is similar to a Glycolic Peel, TCA or Retin A. The skin will produce its own collagen and elastic. The way to encourage this is through exfoliation. The skin has a faster turn over rate, meaning it sheds and exfoliates itself naturally and at a much faster pace. These are the same crystals used in machines and doctors offices for a microdermabrasion treatment when the crystals are sprayed on the skin and vacuumed off. It is actually the crystals that are doing the majority of the work, not the machine. So, why pay hundreds more when you can do it easily and cost effectively at home?  
This at home microdermabrasion cream  seems to roll back the years. Amazingly, you’ll see results after just one application, and additional improvements with continued use. Mildly abrasive crystals reveal sensationally soft skin!!

  • Transforms your skin's texture and appearance immediately
  • Provides professional exfoliation and rapid results
  • Diminishes fine lines, wrinkles, discolorations and age spots
  • Builds collagen as it revives skin
  • Beautifies all skin types, even dry or sensitive
  • Gently and deeply exfoliates polishing the skin’s surface and reduce imperfections

Microdermabrasion Scrub

This remarkable cream reinvents the surface of your skin within a few invigorating minutes, infusing it with a nourishing, fortifying cream and polishing it up to perfection.

See luminous skin even after one application of this microdermabrasion resurfacing cream!
Continued use equals continued improved skin!


Cleanse skin with a mild soap. Dry thoroughly. Apply a layer of the cream to the entire face and massage  into the skin with your fingertips in a rotational pattern for approximately 2-3 minutes . The massaging action also helps to stimulate blood flow to the area. YOU WILL ACTUALLY FEEL THE CRYSTALS WORKING to remove that top layer of skin.For maximum resurfacing,  try using a dry cloth first.Follow this up with a warm washcloth to finish polishing the skin. Rinse well with COLD water, being careful not to come in contact with the eye area.  You should apply a good moisturizer after this procedure. Maximum results if used daily.

Top 10 benefits of Microdermabrasion Resurfacing Cream:

  • Reduce the thickness of the surface layer of your facial skin and exfoliation of dead cells. 
  • Stimulate fibroblasts for collagen regeneration.
  • Stimulate blood flow to your skin which increases nutrition to the skin cells and enhances the skin's natural regenerative process.
  • Perform controlled minimizing of scars, hyper pigmentation, and acne with no irritation.
  • No negative long term effects. Microdermabrasion will always do the same job with the same amount of time, product and effort. 
  • Major reduction of the appearance of facial wrinkles and premature aging lines.
  • Enhanced penetration of topical products after treatment.
  • No recovery or downtime, 
  • Home microdermabrasion is typically performed in 1 - 2 minutes. Suitable for any skin type and color.
  • After several weeks of microdermabrasion treatments, the skin is softer. hydrated, smooth, less wrinkles, minimized pores, BEAUTIFUL!

 Your breakouts will be reduced and will not reoccur.  Your old scaring will fade out over time.  You’ll see a huge difference in just one week!


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At Home Microdermabrasion

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