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Stripes  &  Blocks  &  Squares 

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stripes bedding

Royals Decorative Pillow, King                            Stripes Duvet Set

Striped Bow pillows

stripes duvet - variety of styles and sizes at cafepress bedding

stripes duvet stripes bedding

Everyone loves a rainbow and now you can wrap yourself in one. With its range of bright, yet subtle colors, our Rainbow Wrap Comforter Set will add a little magic to any bedroom.

Rainbow Wrap Mini Comforter Bedding Set

stripes duvet - variety of styles and sizes at cafepress bedding

stripes bedding

Mermaid Tail Flannel Leisure Nap Sleeping Blanket and Plush Bow Pillow Cushion

Stripes on the Walls
Stripe Wall Decals - stripe wallpaper - stripe murals - stripe stencils

Stripe Pattern wallpaper

variety of Pink stripe wallpaper

pink stripe wallpaper

variety of Pink stripe wallpaper

vertical striped wallpaper

Refresh a mundane den, highlight a hallway, or create a striped standout wall that puts focus on furniture both modest and bold.

 WallPops come in 13" Dots, 13" Blox and 6 1/2" x 16' Stripes. 
 Designs can be simple or elaborate... the inspiration is in the hands of the decorator.  WallPops come in 12 bright, fun solid colors and 4 funky design groups with names like Flirt, Stylin' Green, Purple Perk, Black Jack, Ribbon Candy, Go Retro and Lots of Dots, to name just a few. WallPops are fun!

stripe wall decals

Turn your walls into works of abstract art

French Bull Kiss Striped wallpaper

Cover plain-Jane walls with vibrant striped wallpaper and add instant bounce to boring bedrooms

 French Bull Izzy Multi Removable Wallpaper

Add yellow stripe removable wallpaper to any wall and instantly give your space a delightful dose of late afternoon sunshine. Create warm accent walls simply  -  peel and stick! Complement your best home accessories, from cobalt blue throws to crisp white furniture, with stripes in dusky pink and buttery yellow.

 Stripes Sorbet Removable Wallpaper

Barcode Stripe Wallpaper, Orange
Rejuvenate walls in a lush orange and grey stripe with this contemporary designer wallpaper. With a rich suede treatment and vibrant color palette, this stylish print flourishes with charismatic charm.

Barcode Stripe Wallpaper, Orange

Striped Wallpaper Blue/Cream/White Gradient

Textured paper with a stunning stripe design. Glitter added to the papers surface serves to accentuate the striped design and create a truly amazing wallcovering.

Striped Wallpaper Teal / White / Silver

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