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Monday, December 17, 2012

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Add a little touch of angel heaven to your bedrooms


What about the god of love Cupid or Eros,  as the ancient Greeks called him,
 mixed with a little astrology and astronomy.

Heaven gate in the sky Mural


White Temptation 4-Piece Duvet Cover Set

Angel Wings Gold Photo Frame

A luxe photo frame design featuring a beautiful border of feathery angel wings in gleaming gold.

Ionic Metal Column Side Table

With the Greco-Roman lineage of an Ionic column and the warm wood top of an accent piece, these side tables flank sofas, chairs, entryways or bedroom furniture with decorum and grace. Sculptural and contemporary, faux gilded leaves embellish the gauge metal sides, hollowed for easier arrangement around any room. Sure to become your favorite furnishings, this table adds elegance and design with a rich heritage of style.


Turn your home into a Greek temple

Angel Wing Bookends 

Angel Wing Bookends By Bay Area Housewares - Decorative Powder Coated White Metal Bookends to Organize Books, Movies, DVDs, or Games

variety of cloud wall murals at murals your way

Endless White Clouds Print 4-Piece Duvet Cover Sets

angel bedrooms decor angel bedrooms clouds heaven murals white bedding angel bedrooms decor


 Accent Chair

Hand Carved Chaise Lounge

Corinthian Style Antique Copper Floor Column

AngelStar Corner angel

Add a little touch of heaven to a doorway, window or mirror

Entitled Staircase wall mural at magic murals

Heavens Halo Metal Angel Wings Clock

Time flies! The angelic shape of our whimsical wall clock pours on the charm while adding a decorative flair in home or office. Vintage style timepiece boasts curvy, dreamlike numbers, ornate metal hands and metal housing with hand painted antique white, shabby chic finish. A smart quartz clock movement will allow you to treasure each precious moment. Tick tock!

columns on a sky background wall mural  at murals your way

Columns of Corinth Shelves

A historic work of distinction to rise as the crowning jewel of your home
You’ll understand what Roman author Vitruvius meant when he called Corinthian columns “the imitation of the slenderness of a maiden” as you gaze at the graceful beauty of our nearly seven-foot-tall work of furniture art. Intricately carved and crowned with acanthus leaf capitols, these Toscano exclusives are cast in quality designer resin and dramatically hand-painted with a weathered, faux stone finish. Set with three six-foot-wide expanses of tempered glass to showcase your collectibles and artifacts, this is a truly amazing statement piece sure to be the centerpiece of your home.

Create a mystical fantasy on the walls - clouds and stars, moons and planets. Much of Greek mythology takes place in the sky.

Another option for the ethereal heavenly style - Ancient Greek and Roman mythology - and include stone statues of Greek Roman gods and goddesses and/or Heroes & Monsters.

The Olympian gods were the main gods of Ancient Greece. Many gods and goddesses have both Greek and Roman names. That's because the ancient Romans adopted a great deal of Greek mythology and made it their own, often by changing the name of a particular god or goddess. Generally, that deity's powers and myths stayed the same - even though he or she had a new name.
As a result, the study of Greek and Roman mythology is often grouped together under the name "classical mythology."

Zeus, the almighty king of the gods, who cannot resist feminine beauty -  mortal or divine, and his jealous and vengeful wife, Hera.

Perseus, fearless mortal warrior, who takes on an impossible challenge: slaying the monstrous Medusa, whose glance turns men to stone.

Ever heard of Nike brand athletic gear? Nike is the goddess of victory.

What about Apollo, the god of archery and prophecy. His name also used for  the first crewed U.S. space mission Apollo 13.

 A fantastic world of spells and curses, magic and mystery.

Get creative with:
White and gold -  sheer white curtains - flowing bed canopy -  gold tassels - gold ribbons - Marble -  columns - faux ivy - Busts of Greek characters -angels - pegasus -

Decorating with white fluffy furnishings gives the room  a heavenly, angelic feel.

Parr Accent Chair in White, featuring an elegant, sleek Neo Classic style and a white finish, perfectly suited for any living room environment. Also featuring padded roll arms.

Bright whites of Greece

for a variety of Mythical decorations - Column Decor - and more

Themis, the Greek goddess of justice, is blindfolded for impartiality and traditionally holds balanced scales and a sword. Our elegant sculptures proudly display the same amazing details. Virtually indistinguishable from gallery bronzes, our replicas are cast in designer resin as signature works of art for home, office or garden.

white walls and neutral furnishings

heavenly bedroom ideas
Acropolis in Greece wall mural classic traditional Furniture Bench

Brewster 4-897 Komar Wall Mural

Greek and Roman Mythology decorating

Greek and Roman Mythology decorating

Classic decor inspired by ancient Greek, Hellenistic, Macedonian and Roman civilizations, our Greek and Roman collections include historical Roman furniture, heroic Greek figurines, Classical Roman busts, Hellenistic statues and breathtaking Roman wall decor. Here you will find stately Roman marble columns, Caesar statues, museum-replica Greek garden statues, Alexander the Great statues, large- scale Roman and Greek wall sculptures. We also offer Greek god statues and Roman goddess statues featuring Venus, Bacchus, Nike, Apollo, Zeus, Medusa and the Muses, to name just a few. Brilliant as engineers, architects, artists and politicians, the Greeks and Romans can be credited with shaping the landscape of history, art and ancient sculptures.

Lucia by Isabella Luxury Collection at bedding superstore
Lucia by Isabella Luxury Collection is charming and classic. A gorgeous design ripped out of European old world traditional flavors, this set is featured in warm, neutral color schemes. Will surely be the focal point of your space. Multiple patterns, textures, and design patterns make this a great feature.

The roman empire traditional canopy bedroom collection reflects grand style in the oversized posts finials and canopy all beautifully accented by hand selected dark cherry veneers and decorative hardware.

Timeless Elegance wall mural at magic murals

 House of Hampton bedding mythological theme bedroom decorating

Live like Roman royalty

Ares was the son of Zeus and Hera, the supreme goddess of marriage and childbirth. Although Ares, the god of war was a tall and handsome man, he was considered cruel, murderous and bloodstained. Whenever Ares heard the clashing of arms, he grinned with glee, brandishing his sword, rushed and jumped into the battle, not caring who won or lost as long as blood was shed.

Bring ceilings to life with murals 
Frame your ceiling murals with fancy ornate borders to give a whole new look

Ceiling Depicting Apotheosis  wall mural  at murals your way

The Apotheosis of Flora was originally painted in oil on canvas for use as a ceiling decoration. Flora was one of the fertility goddesses in Roman mythology and was married to Favonius, the wind god. This image is now available in an easily installed mural format

Spring wall mural  at murals your way

Acropolis in Greece wall mural at magic murals

The Triumph Of Galatea wall mural  at murals your way

Ceiling Depicting Minerva wall mural at murals your way

Athena, Heracle And Apollo wall mural at murals your way

Mediterranean Kit

at Shindigz Party Decorating Props
columns  and Balustrade Murals

Mythology tells us Icarus escaped from Crete on wax and feather wings. They melted when he drew too close to the sun, he fell to his death and was washed ashore.

The crisp, fresh combination of blue and white is a classic design 

Angels and Clouds - perfect combination for the baby bedrooms

Sleeping Angel Polyresin Wall Clock with Pendulum

Pink also works well for the Angel Themed Bedrooms

Grow With Tenderness Mural at murals your way

heavenly wall murals - asngel wings decor - angel theme bedrooms

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