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Thursday, March 13, 2014

transportation theme bedroom decorating ideas - Planes, trains, cars and trucks decor - transportation bedroom ideas - transportation vehicles theme bedrooms

Buckle your seat belts. Let's go for a ride....... 
beep beep, toot toot, choo choo ....... vrooooom! 

Transportation Themed Bedroom Decorating Ideas and Transportation Themed Decor 

Is your little boy fascinated with transportation vehicles?
Planes, trains, trucks, tractors, cars, bikes, space ships, boats 
...... what about a fun transportation theme bed?

Create an environment alive with motion and color. 

emergency vehicle theme bedroom decorating ideas

If there is a motorized vehicle enthusiast in your home, you'll want to check out how transportation murals can transform the look of a room, with style and class. For little children who are excited every time they hear the whistle of a train, or one day dream of being a pilot flying high in the sky - to adults who collect cars or build model planes or train sets, encourage their enthusiasm with transportation murals catering to their interests.

Murals your way carry Transportation wall murals and Brick wallpaper murals  in several styles. Some have a more whimsical focus, combining an element of history with memories of when that model of car was first introduced - or that plane model took off and landed for the first time. They bring back an era of life, and add an element of nostalgia into the sense of a room. This can make for excellent story sharing when guests come to visit and first see your mural of a '32 Roadster amidst the display of model cars you have in your home.

Another style of transportation murals features the latest in technology. These murals include the dream sports cars very few people in the world can - or will - own, but want to look at every day.

Rooms where transportation murals work best include bedrooms - especially for children - and a den area or bar area. Once you have your transportation mural picked out, use the mural to help establish the rest of the decorations in the room. For example, if the mural is of an airplane, sky blue wall colors and decor elements in the room relating to a pilot's insignia would work well.

Emergency vehicle Theme Bedroom Decorating Ideas

       crime scene wallpaper border                              Police Line Border Wallpaper

Police Car - Ambulance - Fire Truck - School Bus Collapsible Toy Storage Box
and Closet Organizer for Kids transportation theme bedrooms

Police Car Collapsible Toy Storage Box and Closet Organizer for Kids transportation toy box

Creative Decorative Hooks transportation

Beep beep. Add instant energy to your nursery, playroom, or classroom walls with a booming peel- and-stick city.

Transportation wall decals

Each kit includes buildings ranging in size from 6"H to 16"H, 75" of road pieces, 7 clouds, 1 sun, 1 4" x 7" helicopter, 7 autos (approx: 6"W x 3"H), and 5 trees ranging in size from 4"W x 7"H to 6"W x 10"H

Race Ya! Wall Stickers

The traffic light is a great decoration for the transportation themed bedrooms

Have a plane pull a banner with his name. Launch a rocket to the stars. Wind a five-foot train through rolling hills and over a large bridge. It will be easy to get transported to another place with this captivating set!

Stencils Included: hot air balloon stencils -  blimp stencil   - rocket ship stencil  - star stencils - tree stencils  - fire truck stencils  - bridge - helicopter stencil  - airplane stencils  - airliner stencil  - traffic light and pole stencil  - city building stencils  - cloud stencils  - kite stencil  - car stencil  -motorcycle stencil  - name banner for plane stencil - train engine stencils  - train car stencils  - train caboose stencil  - sailboat stencil
Stencils for painting your own wall mural.

Construction theme bedrooms blog

Fireman Theme Bedrooms
Sound the alarm! Firefighters it’s time to gear up. Need Stuff?
Kids theme bedrooms  is coming to the rescue.

 Truck Theme Bedrooms

 Photos of Room for Joy Trevor's Room

Truck Theme Bedrooms

Train Theme Bedroom Decorating ideas and train theme decor

Photos of Room for Joy Emmetts Room

Airplane Theme Bedrooms
Look Up In The Sky! Or look in your room and see what’s flying by. It’s just plane fun room decor

Nautical Adventure Theme
Want a room awash with watery treasures. 
We’ve got everything you need to make the kids room truly shipshape.

Pirates Theme Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Ahoy! Pirate treasure spotted. Be ya friend – come join fer the takin. Be ya foe – walk the plank!

biker theme bedroom - Harley theme bedroom

5 buildings,1 bridge, 2 trees and 8 bushes, a bustling town of children's wall decals. Trucks, cars and roads will create an entire busy transportation town with a firehouse, apartment buildings, houses, townhouses and clock towers. There is a bridge and greenery to add to the fun! Your kids will enjoy arranging their own unique scene. Wall decals are removable and repositionale! What fun!

Create a Road Tape with Toy Car Playset, My First Autobahn

Now your little one can drive anywhere. Adhesive tape road sticks to walls, floor, table - take it anywhere to keep the kids entertained. Includes one vehicle

transportation Girls Dollhouse Town, Adventure Cars, Hot Air Balloons with Purple Straight and Curved Road Wall Decals

Wall Fabric Peel & Stick Decal City Transportation System, Construction Set, Cars, School bus, Fire truck, Plane

Wall Fabric Decal City Transportation System, Train , Cars, School bus, Fire truck

Road: 2 x Straight Roads total length each 50" x 3.2"H 1x School Bus: 16" x 7" 1x Mini Van: 8" x 5" 1x Firetruck: 12" x 6" 1x Train: 34.5" x 8" 1X Ambulance 9" X 5" 1x Police car: 5"x4" 1x big Truck : 13" x 7" 1 construction Truck 10"X7" Tow truck 4"x4" 3 trees 18" high 2X traffic lights clouds 4

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transportation theme bedrooms - police theme decor - fire truck theme decor - transportation themed toddler beds - Transportation room decor for boys - boys transportation theme bedroom - transportation wall decals - transportation bedding - boys transportation bedding - transportation theme bedrooms


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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

car beds - car racing theme bedrooms - theme beds - car beds - race car beds - cars - transportation theme - construction theme - boys bedroom ideas - garage themed bedrooms - boys racing cars themed bedrooms

Kids Sports Car beds for boys and girls

Furnish your kids rooms with novelty car beds - not just for the little kids - big kids enjoy them too!

Need for Sleep Garage bedroom furniture car bed garage door wardrobe Barrel Nightstand car themed bedroom furniture

Need for Sleep Garage bedroom furniture
 car bed  - garage door Large Armoire -  Barrel Nightstand and more

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Legare Racer Bedroom in a Box

Legare Racer Bedroom in a Box

Get everything you need for your race car enthusiast with this Race Car Bedroom in a Box. Includes a twin-bed, dresser, bookshelf, storage box and desk.

Start your engines ... 
and add some fun furniture to your kids car theme bedrooms.

Your children will love climbing, sleeping and playing in these novelty car shaped theme beds. 

Have your children racing for bed with this Stock Car Convertible Bed! Modeled after a real stock car, this bed features a molded-in race track at the foot board and genuine sponsor decals.

Also, since it converts to fit a twin mattress, your little racer can use their Stock Car Convertible Bed for years to come!

Parents and young children will be thrilled with this spectacular racing bed that grows with the child. This toddler bed can be configured to accept either a crib or a twin-size mattress.

The sleek, automotive styling includes spoiler headboard, front grill footboard and racing tires.

The toddler configuration includes molded-in race track near footboard for die cast vehicle play.

The high center side rails helps the child feel more secure. Includes over 50 colorful contingency decals with well-known names in the racing industry. Minimal adult assembly required.

For ages 2 years and up. 49-1/4"W x 89-1/2"L x 24"H.

Step2 Tool Chest Dresser

Car theme beds here

Let's go for a ride. The race car Toddler Bed makes the transition from a crib to a regular bed as easy as possible. Kids will love getting in bed at night and driving off to dreamland. 

Lets go for a ride! The Racecar side Table is the newest addition to the adorable Race car-themed furniture line. This is a fun furniture piece that will look great in any young boys bedroom.

Fuel Up Metal Single-Door Closet

Free up closet and floor space with this fun, themed closet. The full metal construction offers long-lasting stability and comes with 3 top hooks, removable numbers, and a single shelf divider.

Tyre Pattern Cushion at bedding inn

Tyre Pattern Cushion

Gearhead Garage Gas Pump  -  Gearhead Garage Playhouse
Blue Grandest Prix Plush Speedster Sit-On

Gearhead Garage Gas Pump  -  Gearhead Garage Playhouse Blue Grandest Prix Plush Speedster Sit-On

Rather than have your kids play in an actual garage, try letting them play with this garage playhouse. It's cleaner, less noisy, and includes tons of features like a mesh window, removable air pump, and fancy sign. When it comes to plush race cars, our Grandest Prix Plush Speedster takes the checkered flag. Our Gearhead Garage Gas Pump will ensure your little one's car never runs on empty. The plush gas pump has a classic retro feel and includes detachable numbers that record the (imaginary) cost and gallons purchased.

Create a Road Tape with Toy Car Playset, My First Autobahn

Now your little one can drive anywhere. Adhesive tape road sticks to walls, floor, table - take it anywhere to keep the kids entertained. Includes one vehicle

Seattle Traffic wall mural at murals your way

Check out the hottest new car on the block! Kids will love this Corvette racing bed with working headlights!

Designed to look like a real sports car, the Step2 Corvette Bed with Lights revs up bedtime. This fully functional bed comes with Corvette decals and has detailed silver rims and working LED headlights that turn on and off with a tap. The bedframe accommodates either a crib mattress or a twin mattress, so it will grow with your car lover from toddlerhood through childhood

Working LED Headlight - Like a real car, the Corvette Bed features working LED headlights. The battery-powered headlights are easy to turn on and off with a simple tap and can be used for play, for reading, or as a nightlight.

To conserve battery life, the lights automatically turn off after 15 minutes.

Decorative Corvette themed storage for children's clothing and toys. This dresser combines creative design and good looks. Durable construction wipes clean with ease. Coordinates with the Step2 Corvette line of childrens bedroom furniture.

Versatile storage chest that compliments our Corvette line of children's furniture. It is easy to stay organized with this very spacious storage chest. The compartments are large enough to store toys, clothes, and books. Easy to clean and transport. 

Little Tikes Jeep Wrangler Toddler To Twin Bed

  • Real Jeep styled bed that easily converts from toddler to twin bed
  • Two working trail lights and one reading light that turn off automatically
  • Plenty of storage under the bed and in the spare tire for bedroom items
  • Door doubles as a seat for parents reading bedtime stories
  • Helps toddlers enjoy bedtime

The traffic light is a great decoration for the transportation themed bedrooms

Traffic Light Lamps

Create a fun garage themed bedroom

Champion GTI Racer Bed with Mattress

Bring the fun of the Disney Pixar movie Cars to you child's bedroom with the Lightning McQueen Roadster Bed!

Need for Sleep Garage Slim Armoire

car bed - garage door Large Armoire - Barrel Nightstand and more

 car bed  - garage door Large Armoire -  Barrel Nightstand and more

Need for Sleep Turbo Study Writing Desk  racing car themed bedroom furniture

Car theme beds here


Disney cars Toddler Bedding Sets

Rev your engines with Lightning McQueen and his friends who are off and racing with the Disney Cars fun Toddler Bedding Sets. Your little one will feel special with this Disney-inspired toddler bed comforter set.

Or maybe race cars are what you love! Lots of grey and red for this theme. A car bed and some wall stickers will go a long way!

What boy wouldn't love to work and play in his own garage style bedroom.

Bring a little of the good old 50s into the decorating mix

50s style decorating ideas

Vintage Creative License Plate Metal Picture 

Diamond Plate Vinyl Sheet Roll Decal

  • Wrap simple curve Diamond Plate film is an adhesive backed polyester film.
  • This is a 24" wide sheet of adhesive backed film designed for simple curves.
  • Universal trim to fit sheet can customize most flat surfaces.
  • Customize just about anything that has a simple flat non-porous surface.

Fuel Chief Gas Pump Sculpture Statue Table Lamp

Based on the historic Fire Chief 76 model created in 1930s America by the Bennett Company, this absolutely unique lamp is a true collectible! Already a hit with collectors of "petroliana" (or gas station paraphernalia), automobile aficionados also love the actual rubber hose and the smartly-styled shade that accent this conversation piece. Crafted of quality designer resin, the lamp is hand-painted in antique hues to capture each detail of a nostalgic, scaled period piece.

Fun car theme beds, fun theme bedrooms

Road Track Car Band Traffic Sign wall deca

Highway wall decal stickers

Road Track wall decal

Road Track Wall Decal Car theme beds

Blue Delta Children Turbo Race Car Twin Bed

Sweet dreams are just around the corner with the Turbo Race Car Twin Bed from Delta Children! Designed to resemble a classic race car, fun details include a rear spoiler, a front grill and racing tires with chrome-colored rims. Made of durable molded plastic and decorated with cool decals, this sleek bed will kick any car-themed room into high gear for years to come. The high sides of the race car act as secure guardrails, and allow kids of all ages to easily enter and exit the bed. Perfect for any child who dreams of racing cars.

Roads Wall Sticker - Peel and Stick

Retro Mod style decorating and decor here

car beds - car racing theme bedrooms - theme beds

car racing theme bedrooms - theme beds - car beds - race car beds

Turbo Bed Race Car Bed - garage themed furniture - click here

Henes Broon F830 with Tablet PC 12V Kids Ride On Car Electric Powered Wheels MP3 Remote Control RC Black

featuring everything possible to give the feeling of a real car

Lamborghini Aventador 6V Ride On Kids Battery Powered Car

Lamborghini Aventador 6V Ride On Kids Battery Powered Car
The sculpted angles, aerospace styling, and uncompromising power make Lamborghini the most recognizable car brand that kids only dream about. This scaled-down 6V baby Super Car now makes the dream a reality and with the included remote control, it allows parents to "go for a drive" themselves in a genuine Aventador! The parental remote lets you fully control the car in all directions if the little driver is not yet able to. Once familiar with the controls, kids can drive this fabulous ride on car themselves via steering wheel and "gas pedal". Notable features include functioning front lights, forward/reverse shifter, horn/sound buttons on steering wheel, along with mp3 jack for listening to their favorite tunes. To complete the authentic look, this 2015 model now comes with a floor mat and Lamborghini keychain. Some minor assembly is required (about 45 minutes) but we are certain you will enjoy putting the finishing touches on this one!

Black Mercedes Benz Kids Ride on Car

Black Mercedes Benz Kids Ride on Car  

 Fantastic And Functional  RIDE ON CAR. It's Beautiful Working Lights And Doors Add To The Sense Of Being In A Real Car

Perfect Gift For Your Kids!

Pink Kids Ride on Car Remote Control

Pink Kids Ride on Car Remote Control

This uniquely designed R/C car is ready to go for your kids to enjoy.

Now your child can mimic your driving with a car that has some of the same features as your own, like an MP3 adapter steering wheel, gas pedal and seat belt.

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