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Thursday, January 17, 2013

pirate bedrooms - pirate themed furniture - nautical theme decorating ideas - pirate theme bedroom decor - Peter Pan

Ahoy Matey!
Create the perfect Pirate Themed Bedroom

 For fun pirate themed decorative furnishings
visit Pirate Theme Bedrooms Decorating ideas and Pirate Themed Decor

Your little pirates dreams will be filled with pirate ships and high-sea adventures

Pirate Window wall Decals

Do you have what it takes to lead your crew into danger and never ending adventures on the "Black Pirate" ship? Are you ready to have your own "Armada"? At day sail the seven seas in search of gold and loot and at night sleep as a captain aboard your own Armada Ship Bed. You can almost smell the ocean breeze when you sleep aboard this bed.

for some fun pirate themed wall murals, tropical themed wall murals, 
nautical themed wall murals and some beachy wall murals

Pirate on the Island wall mural at magic murals

Pirate ship theme beds and boat beds  - variety of styles

pirate ship ceiling light

A true pirate is a good sailor and never loses his course. The pole star is on board the pirate ship, the moon keeps company over it at all times, whether its overcast or its sunny, the route ahead is always illuminated. Pick your beacon light; master the course you're on, show who you are with everything you have.

for some fun pirate themed wall murals, 
tropical themed wall murals, nautical themed wall murals and some beach theme wall murals

Pirates of the Caribbean Duvet Cover Set Sky blue Boys Bedding Kids Bedding

Hey, kid, find a treasure map quickly, start your pirate trip. To be one of the best Pirates of the Caribbean!

Ahoy Ye Matey! Bedhugger Wall Mural

Ahoy Ye Matey! Set sail with your own Pirate bed hugger wall mural. This will be the envy of all those other little pirates. It fits perfectly behind a twin bed as a headboard or even a dresser. Personalize it with your child's name so it says "Ahoy Ye (your child's name)". Kids room decorating just got a whole lot more fun.

Children Kiddy Pirate Captain Hook Blue Red Yellow Colored Rug


For fun pirate themed decorative furnishings
visit Pirate Theme Bedrooms Decorating ideas and Pirate Themed Decor

Boys room Wall Decals Pirate Wall Decal Sticker Set


Ye'll Sail Stormy Seas Ta'day!
We’ve sailed vast oceans ‘n crossed stormy seas to find a pirate bed suitable for not just any pirate capt’n. This magnificent Pirate Ship Bed is designed for both appeal and storage, sure to please your young pirate! Below the decks of this pirate ship bed, he's got cannons in the drawers to fire broadside that’ll open up fer his own hideaway through concealed doors. Yer little pirate will be thrilled with this fun-filled and high-spirited wonderful piece! It isn’t small but it fits in most basic rooms. Let yer son climb on board, and let's see what kin' of wild dreams he'll be havin' tonight, among the pirates of the vast sea!

for some fun pirate themed wall murals, Pirate's Map wall murals
tropical themed wall murals, nautical themed wall murals and  beach theme wall murals 

 Disney Pirates 4 Pc Twin Bed at rooms to go


Arr, matey! Climb aboard the Disney Pirates bed to find out how exciting bedtime can be. Designed to resemble a true pirate's ship, this fun bed includes built-in rails, foot cubbies for storing pirate's booty and a pull out trundle that can be used either for accommodating sleepover guests or as a storage drawer.
Disney Pirates 4 Pc Twin Bed

visit Murals Your Way
for some fun pirate themed wall murals, tropical themed wall murals, nautical themed wall murals and some beachy wall murals

variety of  Pirate ship theme beds and boat beds here

Ahoy maties! Batten down the bedroom with Pirate themed beds. 
Pirate themed rooms are the perfect thing for the adventurous and pirate-loving kid.

Aar! Hoist the sails for a lavish new discovery filled with treasures

Who doesn't love old style pirates?

Ship Captain wall mural at magic murals

Pirate Treasure Cove Red and Black beddings at baby zone bedding pirate theme

Bedding set features a collection of appliques from the sea, including pirates, ships, treasure chests, swords, and helms. This collection uses the stylish colors of Brick Red, Camel, Black, and Chocolate.

A pirate's life for me! Go exploring for treasure....................

Pirates Life For Me

Sharpen your cutlass, man the decks and set the main sail.

Ahoy, matey! These pirate ships are sure to delight little treasure-hunters and junior explorers of the seven seas.

Looking for an adventure? a voyage of mystery and intrigue? Set sail on whimsical pirate ships into the vast unknown of ocean blue waters. Let your child's imagination sail away in his pirate ship bedroom.

A pirates life toddler style - more pictures here

 Pirate themed nursery for Parker - lots more pictures here

Sail the seven seas, search for buried treasure and battle with pirates.

Jesse's "Pirates of the Carribean" Bedroom - more pictures here

Castaway island style decorating ideas

Disney pirates bedroom ideas

Go exploring for treasure with this removable and repositional pirate map. The dry erase surface makes it easy for little adventurers to map out their next overseas voyage, mark down spots for hidden treasure, or write out messages to others. The design can be removed and repositioned at any time, and will never leave any sticky residue on the wall or peel away the paint. Great for pirate-themed bedrooms


Bring the excitement of Jake and the Never Land Pirates to your room with this giant wall decal of young hero Jake. Standing over almost three feet tall, this wall decal is sure to please any fan!

Jolly Roger Lamp Shade at land of nod

You don't need a parrot on your shoulder to appreciate this hanging pirate ship lamp shade. It casts a soft, white glow on the room, and can also double as hanging d├ęcor.

Beach Frame wall mural at magic murals

Everyone loves a bedtime story — even Peter Pan himself, who plucked the Darling children from their nursery one night just so Wendy could tell him stories. Join Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and the Darling children on a magical adventure to Neverland.

all the Peter Pan bedroom accessories can be found at

The classic tale of the 'boy who wouldn't grow up.' As a baby, Peter Pan fell out of his carriage and was taken by fairies to Neverland. There, he can fly and is the champion of the Lost Boys and a friend to the fairy Tinker Bell. Revisiting England, Peter becomes involved with Wendy Darling and her younger brothers, all of whom accompany Peter Pan to Neverland. The children have many adventures and vanquish the pirate Captain Hook. The Darlings eventually return home with the Lost Boys, leaving Peter Pan to his perpetual boyhood.

Let him live the life of the tiny pirate he wants to be while dreaming in his very own KidKraft Pirate Toddler Bed. Fun and colorful, this transitional bed makes the move from the crib to an adult bed way more fun! Crafted of sturdy composite wood and molded plastic, this bed sports safety rails and a low profile, making it easy to get in and out. The adorable artwork is sure to be a hit as is the hidden storage at the foot of the bed - the perfect place to hide all his treasures!

variety of  Pirate ship theme beds and boat beds here

Pirates in Petticoats like a little bling

If you don't feel comfortable painting palm trees, there are many palm tree wall decals available in a variety of colors here

Skulls Kids Rug at wayfair home furnishings

Pirates in Petticoats. There is an old superstition among sailors that women at sea bring bad luck. Despite this, many women have proved their seafaring skills. When we think of Pirates we have a tendency to think of masculine men. But did you know that the most successful pirate of all time was a woman?

Ey matey, eres a room for ya


People have been reading about pirates for almost as long as there have been pirates, and in so doing, they have been transported into a world very different from their own, set amid an exotic backdrop of palm-fringed beaches and warm tropical seas.

Great book - great addition to the pirate themed bedroom

The dark, jacketless cover of Matthews' Pirates, one of the most striking covers in recent memory, features a mottled-white skull with a gleaming gold tooth, a patch over one eye socket, and, in the other, a red "jewel" imbedded in the hardcover boards. A browser's delight, this introduction to seventeenth- and eighteenth-century pirates in the Caribbean

At last the ultimate book of pirates is here! Inside is the stuff of legend, where tales of adventure and intrigue are written in blood. Read about Blackbeard and Captain Kidd. Learn about walking the plank and buried treasure. Discover what was like aboard a pirate ship -- from a pirate's strict code of conduct to the punishments that awaited those that broke them.
All the intrigue, adventure, and grizzly details are brought to life in this lavish hardcover package jam packed with fact and fiction, pirate lore, and amazing memorabilia, including:

  • a booklet of pirate slang

  • a genuine advertisement to recruit pirates

  • a booklet of pirate biographies

  • a letter from William the III to Captain Kidd

  • a pullout featuring pirate weapons

  • a treasure map

  • a wanted poster for Blackbeard

  • sample playing cards

  • as well as flaps and fold outs galore!

visit Shindigz Party decorating props  for some awesome pirate themed decorations

Set sail with this pirate ship!
The Treasure Bay Ship will transform your tropical event. Personalize the stern on this Pirate Ship with your own wording and hear the sound of the ocean with the  included Water Crashing Sound Chip. Create a stunning focal point for your room with this massive 8 ft high x 16 ft wide x 8 ft deep printed cardboard ship that features hemp rope accents. Decorated on one side. Assembly required.

Pirates Cove Decorations
This is a fun Kit!
Pirates Cove Decorations will transform any party venue into a time when pirates ruled the high seas. These exclusive Pirates Cove Decorations will set the mood for swashbuckling and flamboyant adventures.
Pirates Cove Arch: This amazing arch is 9 feet 5 inches high x 7 feet 4 inch wide high cardboard arch features a skull and crossbones with your own custom text.

Pirates Cove Ship Silhouette: Freestanding cardboard ship is 10 feet high x 11 1/2 feet wide and includes  Pirate at Sea Sound Chip which makes the sound of a pirate. 

Treasure Chest: Cardboard Chest is 27 inches wide X 19 inches high X 18 inches deep. Easy Assembly. KSTRC

Palm Tree: Freestanding trees come in clusters of three on sturdy bases and measure 7 feet 6 inches high x 2 feet wide.

visit Shindigz Party decorating props  for some awesome pirate themed decorations

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