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Keeping in the spirit of decorating ...  but ..... with a little twist ... I finally took a few pictures of my decorated nails .....  my version of peacock themed nail design .... not being one for greenish colored nails, I was a little hesitant  in starting ..... but  was rather pleased with the end result.

 pictures to come - having technical difficulties - needin the yunggins help

I had looked at a few peacock inspired nail designs in purples and blues, and in my travels found the pretty peacock feather water decals for nails on ebay for $1 shipped, had not tried water decals before,  and got very excited, placed my order and waited patiently.

But when the decals arrived - they were very green, nothing like the soft bluey green I thought they would be, and I was not that excited anymore.

Feeling a little disheartened, but not beaten,  I rummaged through my nail polish collection and found a few greens and blues that I liked,  and thought, why not .... green tones it is! Then did a little more pondering on how to give the green a little more glitz and sparkle, rummaged some more, found my beautiful gold glitter nail polish and a very fine clear glitter polish, grabbed  my diamantes and off  I  went  .....

Kleancolor - L.A. Girl Disco Brites - Sinful Colors Professional nail polish - Nicole By Opi Nail polish

I started by striping 3 colors onto a make-up sponge: dark green, blue and white and sponged onto my nails, creating a subtle gradient from dark green at the base to lighter  tips. Gave the nails a second coat and once dry just did a few touch ups in different spots until I was happy with the color effect.

Sinful Colors Professional nail polish - Exotic Green
Kleancolor Nail Lacquer  - White

Then I sparingly sponged the gold glitter around the bottom part of my nails with ...
Nicole By OPI Nail polish - Carried Away

Once the sparkly gold glitter dried which didn't take long, it was time for the pretty peacock water decals.

Oh, so easy, but oh so fiddly when one wants them little suckers placed differently to how the decals were supposed to be placed! - I like to decorate for those that do not know - and never settle for just easy - that would make life too simple, LOL

This process took a bit of time and a lot of patience, and was so worried I might rip the decal while moving it around, taking it off the nail, peeling it off my fingers, trying to get it back onto the actual nail - then the decorating light bulb went off - hey, what if you wet your fingernail, just a little,  then place the decal onto the nail and gently nudge it around .... hmmmm.

peacock nail water decals-nail art design

Annnnnyways .... these peacock decals have straight sides to them, to place to the edge of your nails .... but .... I did not want that ...... noooooooo, I wanted to place them on different parts of my nails - with no sharp decal edges showing! - hence the fiddling

peacock nail water decals-nail art design-nails

I did not want to just stick them to the tips or bottom part of my nails, so I played around with them till I was happy with how they looked on my nails.

Once that little exercise was over, I then dabbed my 3 colors onto the corner of the make up sponge and sponged around the outline of the decals, to blend  the decal edge colors into the existing nail color.

As you can see in this picture - where the edge of the decal is clearly seen once placed onto the nail.

I don't like that.

So I did the extra step of sponging on around to completely cover the decal edge - worked perfectly.

I did not want the nails to look as though I just planted those feathers and walked away from boredom, nooooo, I like to paint and blend and mix! - if you are not familiar with my  decorating website, or decorating blog .... my motto .... if it don't move .... PAINT IT!

All blended, shaded and filled in ... I sat and admired my handy work. But ..... wait .... it was still missing something .... oh that's right .... my clear glitter. So I then dabbed a little of the clear glitter onto the eye of the feathers, the feathers are actually a pretty shade of purple and the glitter gave the feathers a little extra shimmer.


rhinestones - diamantes - nail decoration - nail art

I strategically placed a few light green diamantes/rhinestones , added 2  coats of my absolutely favorite top coat -  shiny and quick to dry .....  Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat to seal in my masterpiece - and I was one happy little gal!

Have since admired my creation in different lighting, am very happy with the nail polish colors I chose, they work well with the decal colors, which look as though they have been painted on, not stuck on. My nails glisten beautifully.  The water decals were a success. VERY HAPPY!!

few different variants for peacock nail designs to complete your outfit and expresses your style ....... 

Peacock Water Transfers Decals

FEATHER Nail Art Water Sticke Decals peacock

glitter FEATHER Nail Art Water Sticker Decals

Nail Art Decals peacock feather nail water decal stickers



Gold Nail Art Peacock Feather nail Wraps Water Transfers Stickers Decal

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nail decorations - nail polish - decorating nails - decorate your nails - nail salon decorating ideas - nail display racks - nail salon bedroom theme decor - nail polish bedding - nail polish themed pillows - nail salon wall decals - Manicure Bedroom nail art

Nail art isn't just a fashion trend - it's also a cool way to make a personal statement and create a little extra pizzazz for a special occasion. 

Gone are the days of the classic French manicure - today it's all about nail art!

Sooooo .... make a statement in the bedroom also - and turn your dull room into a rainbow filled nail salon  .... polish your nails, sprinkle glitter sparkles, apply decorative accents and create a fun, personal design  ...  all in the comfort of your own creative space.

Nail Polish Organizer Holds up to 102 Bottles

Do you have a rapid growing nail polish collection .....

Are  you looking for something different, stylish, unique and versatile to display your colorful nail polishes in a professional way - just like in a salon!
- then looky here .....

Display your colorful nail polish collection the stylish way - while at the same time keeping your nail polish bottles organized, secure, and ready for use. 

Holds all kind of brand name Nail Polish such as OPI, China Glaze, Nubar, Essie and all others

Fit More Than 500 Bottles of Nail Polish

Display all of your beautiful nail polish color arrangements with this decorative metal wall rack. This high end salon inspired organizer is not only beautifully designed but durably made for long term use. This intricate designed metal rack will bring elegance to your salon inspired bedroom with its spacious size, you can fit numerous nail polish bottles. Featuring 6 shelves and conveniently includes the mounting hardware to make this a practical and easy to install addition to your professional salon!.

3 Tier Nail Polish Rack / Table Top Organizer
  • Gorgeous heart shaped table top organizer for storing nail polish.
  • 3 rows that attractively display the polish in color arrangements.
  • Great for a nail salon or in the home.
- holds 15 bottles of Sally Hansen Extreme nail polish -

variety of
nail polish organizers  -  and -  nail polish racks

and now for the fun part ... filling up those nail polish racks

Kleancolor nail polish
48 Piece Rainbow Colors Glitter Nail Polish Lacquer Set + 3 Scented Nail Polish Remover

this is a bargain for any decorative nail artiste

48 Pcs Trendy Nail Polish Nail Lacquers Combo Set + Free 5 Nail Filers

Beautiful vibrant colors - little bit of everything - glitters, mattes, neons, metallics, opaques

sooooo many colors ...... sooooo little time!

144pcs Nail Manicure Nabi Nail Polish 

Each nail polish bottle brand New and each is. 15ml, 0.53 fl Oz
204pcs Nabi Nail Polish

Must have little helpers!

Grip N' Tip

awesome little helper!

Grip & Tip Nail Polish Holder is your personal mani-pedi assistant! Nail polish bottle holder keeps nail polish bottle steady and tilted, preventing spills and helping you reach every drop! Freeing both hands for easy manicures and pedicures, it adjusts to hold small bottles of all sizes and shapes--allowing easy, efficient application for nail polish, craft glue, model paint and more.

Lady Bug Spill Proof Nail Polish Holder

  • Easily paint your nails without worrying about spills
  • Features a wobble design that lets the bottle rock back and forth without spilling
  • Holds all shapes and bottle sizes

Push Down ACETONE Dispenser 
Perfect for acetone dispensing on cotton ball, swabs, brushes
Perfect for makeup removing liquid and facial toner! 
Press down too pump up just the amount needed

These little beauties really make cleaning fun.
 Easy to use, convenient, and makes you feel like a real nail technician.

CLEAR bottle with Acetone and Alcohol imprint.
Convenient swing lid, reduces odors, maintains purity.  Large opening for easy filling.
 (Quantity: 2 Bottles for the price of one. )

Nail Salon decor and decorating ideas

So much fun to be had with this theme.
You can also mix it up with the Beauty Salon theme and the Fashionista theme for added primp and polish and accent with a little colorful fun.

Vinyl Lettering Design Creations

a Nail vinyl wall decal

Have fun with the walls
 - with paint, wall decals, stencils and even framed pictures of your very own nail art designs.

Turn your basic, boring down comforter into the super stylish focal point of your bedroom

DENY Designs Bird Wanna Whistle Nail Polish Duvet Cover - twin

High Heel Shoe Shaped Metal Wire Mesh Nail Polish & Manicure Tools Organizer

  • Mesh shoe keeps polish bottles and other manicure tools organized and handy!
  • Crafted in metal and accented with an acrylic jewel, it's cute displayed on dresser or vanity.
  • Toe area holds bottle you're currently using.

Dress up those bedroom walls with posters from all posters

PINK     -            Lip Sprinkles    -    Jewels and a Cupcake 

Nail Polish Pillow
search at zazzle custom pillows and home decor

Trendy Black Caviar Manicure AREA RUG
 - search at Cafe Press

Nail Polish Twin Duvet        -   IT'S ALL FUN AND GAMES Queen Duvet
search at cafe press

Dress up those bedroom walls with posters from all posters

Purple Gemstones       -       Gemstones and Nails      -       Multicolored Bracelets

Kawaii Fingernail Polish Throw Pillows - search at zazzle custom pillows and home decor

Nailed It 5'x7'Area Rug  - 

search at cafe press

Primped & Polished 5'x7'Area Rug
search at cafe press

Dress up those bedroom walls with posters from all posters

Pomegranate and Blue Nails     -    Yellow Tomato and Multi Colored Nails

and now ..................................................

Time for some nail doodling fun

 Get ready for nails that will get you noticed!

Have you ever seen those beautifully painted salon nails and wished that you could create the same intricate designs yourself? 

The beautiful thing about nail art is that anyone can do it. 

Seriously, anyone! 

All you need is a few simple tools and you’ll be creating gorgeous nail designs in no time. 

Nail art is the perfect accessory because it can be custom tailored for any personal taste or style.

Sassy, fun, and full of DIY nail art tutorials that anyone can do. How to achieve a certain style, ranging from arty to girlish to hardcore and more. Readers will learn how to mask their nails off to create simple patterns, use simple tools like striping brushes and dotting tools, add studs and decals for edgy flare, and create more ambitious paintings that rival works of art.

Cool Nail Art: 30 Step-by-Step Designs to Rock Your Fingers and Toes

  • Learn how to adapt designs for your toes for a complete look.
  • Create designs using at-home items like toothpicks and painter's tape.

DIY Nail Art: Easy, Step-by-Step Instructions for 75 Creative Nail Art Designs
 Black Lace. Summer Citrus. Hot Pink Zebra, Argyle, Light Burst, Spiderweb Nails. and many more ...

Create one-of-a-kind nail art designs without ever stepping inside a nail salon.

Spectacular Nail Art: A Step-by-Step Guide to 35 Gorgeous Designs

No woman is fully dressed without the perfect manicure: it’s the final touch, the must-have accessory to any outfit. And today, spectacular nails mean more than a coat of pink polish. It’s fashion art, with a world of fabulous colors, unique patterns, and gorgeous embellishments Designs from sparkling Champagne Chic to the wintry, Christmasy Snappy Snowflakes -  spooky Halloween with black-and-white cobwebbed nails; hail the red-white-and blue and stars-and-stripes forever with Positively Patriotic; and celebrate the coming of spring with vintage fancy flowers. Go wild with animal prints, like leaping leopard spots or zebra zigzags on your "claws." And even if you can’t make it to Hawaii, your nails can, with designs featuring the island’s famed hibiscus. Whether you’re choosing elegant, wedding-ready pearly bubbles or playful retro dots and fun characters, every pattern here makes an unforgettable statement.

Nails, Nails, Nails!: 25 Creative DIY Nail Art Projects


25 nail art projects in a range of fabulous looks: leopard print, plaid, stripes, stained glass, lace, glitter, and more! For budding fashionistas and beauty experts alike, this super-fun book presents professional nail-art techniques and all the important tools, plus simple instructions, step-by-step photos, and fabulous shots of the finished nails make it easy for readers to replicate the designs.

Totally Cool Nails: 50 Fun and Easy Nail Art Designs for Kids

Say hello to fabulous nail art designs you can create!It's time to get your nails noticed! Create 50 super-stylish nail art designs like Starfish, Rainbow Wave, Candy Heart, and Watermelon Nails.

Klutz Nail Style Studio Book Kit

The included custom two-sided dotting tool makes dots and lines a breeze, and stick-on-peel-off stencils make geometric shapes crisp and stylish. And with our exclusive palette of practice nail polish, fashionistas can try a design, wash it off, and try again until it's exactly how they want it. This complete nail art kit lets you make a statement with a wave of your hand.

Hundreds of dramatic nail art designs from multi-colored graphic patterns, to plays of textures and finish. Want super glossy nails for the beach? How about accent glitters for a night out? Get rockin' with the rough crackle look, or just go natural with a sexy, simple matte finish. There are also dozens of thematic designs such as red and green Christmas ornament designed nails, fancy floral patterns for spring, or tie-dye for summer.

 Nail art is the perfect accessory because it can be custom tailored for any personal taste or style. 
The best thing about nail art is that there is a design for every skill or patience level, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get awesome nails.
 The keys, as with mastering any skill, are patience and practice.
 Even if you only have fifteen minutes, you can easily create compliment-worthy nails!

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Personalized decor - Personalised gifts - photo bedding - custom bedding - photo blankets - personalized home decor - Monogram decor

Add a personal touch-  create unique decor for your home or your next party

Why be like everyone else when you can personalize your decorating style

from walls,   floors,  bedding, pillows  to kitchen and bathroom accessories - to
 gift giving and  party decorations

Have your guests be greeted at the front door with a lovely personalized doormat and continue your personal touch to every room in your home

Decorate your walls with personalized wall decals and Monogram wall art

Personalized Letter Metal Wall Art

Monogram wall decals

Monogram Letter Wall Wine Cork Holder in Black Metal

Dress the bed with fun monogrammed bedding

monogrammed bedding - variety of sizes and styles

search at cafe press bedding

Dress the bed with fun monogrammed pillows

Monogrammed pillows
search at cafe press

Cozy up with a beautiful, woven throw blanket!
Surprise the grandparents with a personalized photo blanket with their grandbabies 

Personal the bathroom with monogrammed towels and shower curtains

Monogram Shower Curtains 

search at cafe press shower curtains


Ideas for Personalized Decorations

For the ultimate in personalized decoration fun, buy life size cutouts. They're perfect for so many occasions: order a cut out of a couple on their wedding day for an anniversary party. Buy a cutout of the guest of honor for a birthday celebration. Order a standee of the grad for a graduation bash.

Personalize banners to publicize any party or event. Place them outside before the event, and once the party starts, bring them in for decor.

Party Photo Stand In - unique focal point to your party decor.  - Grab your camera for some great photos! Guests will enjoy posing like rock stars in the  Rock Star photo stand in or as islanders in the hula couple photo prop. Photo-ops and photo stand ins provide fun times at any party or gathering!
 Visit Shindigz party store for some fun ....   Life Size Standees ......   Personalized Banners  .....   

Accent walls with  personalized life sized stand ups and mural cut outs


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