Wednesday, March 4, 2015

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Accent your nails with fun nail decorations

Here is a collection of cute nail designs that can be created with nail polish and paint brushes .... but .... if you do not have the artistic ability or patience .... then you can opt for the easier alternative ... ready to use ... nail stickers,  nail decals and false nails .....  that will the get the job done also.

FUN NAILS        -      NOVELTY NAILS       -     CUTE NAILS

Ice cream nails ~ 3D False nails Ice cream Press on nails ~ Stiletto press on nails ~ Summer nails ~ Drip nails

Ice Cream nails - perfect for summer - cute, colorful and fun

Clock Design Nail Art Transferring Water Decal   - search on   ebay

Clock Design Nail Art Transfering Water Decal - themed nail designs

Perfect nail theme for the 

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Clock Design Nail Art Transferring Water Decal - themed nail designs-nail decals

nail art Hand Gun Weapons Water Slide Nail Art Decals - Guns, Grenades, Bullets

pink kiss false nails art decoration

Neon nail transfer sticker 

Neon nail transfer sticker

fun nails - cute nasils - bridal nails

nail decorations-bows nail decorations-nail design

nail stickers- nail decals - nail decorations

black white nail design ideas-nail art black and white False Nails Stiletto Nails

False Nails Stiletto Nails

3D Nail Art Glitter Bows & Metal Pink Juicy Crown Kawaii Nail Art Decoration

fun nail art

Princess Wedding False Nail

false nails - false nail stickons nail art design ideas -

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Music themed nail designs 
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Christmas themed nails

Party nails
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