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Keeping in the spirit of decorating ...  but ..... with a little twist ... I finally took a few pictures of my decorated nails .....  my version of peacock themed nail design .... not being one for greenish colored nails, I was a little hesitant  in starting ..... but  was rather pleased with the end result.

nail design ideas-decorating nails-nail water decal stickers-nail polish-nail art

grrr to technology - having trouble getting the original photos - which were taken with a better camera and much clearer, on the actual day I did the nails. Have uploaded a few photo's  of  my nails after a few days wear,  these photos taken with cheapie camera so the pictures are not as crisp and clear ..... did I say ... grrrrr to technology

peacock nail design ideas-peacock nails water decal stickers-decorating nails

I had looked at a few peacock inspired nail designs in purples and blues, and in my travels found these pretty peacock feather water decals for nails on ebay for $1 shipped, had not tried water decals before,  and got very excited, placed my order and waited patiently.

But when the decals arrived - they were very green, nothing like the soft bluey green I thought they would be, and I was not that excited anymore.

Feeling a little disheartened, but not beaten,  I rummaged through my nail polish collection and found a few greens and blues that I liked,  and thought, why not .... green tones it is! Then did a little more pondering on how to give the green a little more glitz and sparkle, rummaged some more, found my beautiful gold glitter nail polish and a very fine clear glitter polish, grabbed  my diamantes and off  I  went  .....

nail polish Kleancolor - L.A. Girl Disco Brites - Sinful Colors Professional nail polish - Nicole By Opi Nail polish- rhinestones

I started by striping 3 colors onto a make-up sponge: dark green, blue and white and sponged onto my nails, creating a subtle gradient from dark green at the base to lighter  tips.

peacock nail design ideas-peacock nails water decal stickers-decorating nails

 Gave the nails a second coat and once dry just did a few touch ups in different spots until I was happy with the color effect.

Kleancolor - L.A. Girl Disco Brites - Sinful Colors Professional nail polish - Nicole By Opi Nail polish

Sinful Colors Professional nail polish - Exotic Green
Kleancolor Nail Lacquer  - White

Then I sparingly sponged the gold glitter around the bottom part of my nails with ...
Nicole By OPI Nail polish - Carried Away

Once the sparkly gold glitter dried which didn't take long, it was time to get creative with those  pretty
 peacock water decals.

peacock nail water decals-nail art design-nails - peacock nail water decals

Oh, so easy, but oh so fiddly when one wants them little suckers placed differently to how the decals were supposed to be placed! - I like to decorate for those that do not know - and never settle for just easy - that would make life too simple, LOL

This process took a bit of time and a lot of patience, and was so worried I might rip the decal while moving it around, taking it off the nail, peeling it off my fingers, trying to get it back onto the actual nail - then the decorating light bulb went off - hey, what if you wet your fingernail, just a little,  then place the decal onto the nail and gently nudge it around .... hmmmm.

peacock nail water decals-nail art design

Annnnnyways .... these peacock decals have straight sides to them, to place to the edge of your nails .... but .... I did not want that ...... noooooooo, I wanted to place them on different parts of my nails - with no sharp decal edges showing! - hence the fiddling.

I did not want to just stick them to the tips or bottom part of my nails, so I played around with them till I was happy with how they looked on my nails.

Once that little exercise was over, I then dabbed my 3 colors onto the corner of the make up sponge and sponged around the outline of the decals, to blend  the decal edge colors into the existing nail color.

As you can see in this picture (left) - where the edge of the decal is clearly seen once placed onto the nail.

I don't like that.

So I did the extra step of sponging on around to completely cover the decal edge - worked perfectly.

peacock nail decorating ideas-water decal stickers for nails

I did not want the nails to look as though I just planted those feathers and walked away from boredom, nooooo, I like to paint and blend and mix! - if you are not familiar with my  decorating website, or decorating blog .... my motto .... if it don't move .... PAINT IT!

All blended, shaded and filled in ... I sat and admired my handy work. But ..... wait .... it was still missing something .... oh that's right .... my clear glitter. So I then dabbed a little of the clear glitter onto the eye of the feathers, the feathers are actually a pretty shade of purple and the glitter gave the feathers a little extra shimmer.


rhinestones - diamantes - nail decoration - nail art

I strategically placed a few light green diamantes/rhinestones , few purple rhinestones would work also, but that's for another time.

I added 2 coats of my absolutely favorite top coat -  shiny and quick to dry .....  Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat to seal in my masterpiece - and I was one happy little gal!

Have since admired my creation in different lighting, am very happy with the nail polish colors I chose, they work well with the decal colors, which look as though they have been painted on, not stuck on. My nails glisten beautifully.  The water decals were a success. VERY HAPPY!!

after a few days of wear - and housework  - laundry - cooking - cleaning - 
they are holding up rather well!!

peacock nail design ideas-peacock nails water decal stickers

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