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Thursday, June 11, 2015

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Creative play alphabet numbers decorating ideas

Creative play
Make learning fun for your child with decorative numbers and letters decor. 

Education Station Peel & Stick Wall Decals alphabet numbers bedroom ideas - LETTERS & NUMBERS DECOR

Alphabet - letters and numbers is a fun and colorful decorating theme suitable for nurseries, classrooms, home school settings, playrooms and bedrooms!


Whimsical Alphabet Decorative Peel & Stick Wall Art Sticker Decals

Whimsical Alphabet Decorative Peel & Stick Wall Art Sticker Decals

This fabulous set of alphabet decals features amazing details, quirky patterns, and amusing illustrations. From the retro glasses accompanying the letter Q to the brilliant jewels surrounding the letter J, these ABC's are both unique and engaging. With an additional set of lowercase decals, this is a must have for any young child's room.

Art Wall Decals Sets
Mix it up with a few other decorating themes to create a fun learning theme for your child. 

Have fun with Education with lots of color and activities - educational toys create such a delightful playtime experience that children don’t even realize they’re learning - make the walls child friendly with interactive play things

Rules For Play: Kids Home Decor Canvas Wall Art

 Rules For Play: Kids Home Decor Canvas Wall Art for Playroom, School, or Daycare

20" high x 16" wide x 1.5" deep
Materials: Cotton/polyester blend canvas over a gallery thick pine frame
Cute, colorful playroom wall art

home school furniture

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Free Color Markers Included(6 Colors) 

Little fun Kid's Foldable Playhouse Kit

Educational and decorative!

Primary Tree Peel and Stick Giant Wall Decals 
Primary Tree Peel and Stick Giant Wall Decals

This adorable alphabet tree will make learning the ABCs more fun than ever.

Primary letters, stylish green leaves and brown branches come together to create a design that looks at home in any nursery, playroom, or classroom.

You'll have fun putting the tree together and your little one will have even more fun looking at it and reciting their ABCs!.

Lil' Davinci Art Frames

Lil' Davinci Art Frames

Create a rotating art gallery of your children’s masterpieces with this Lil’ Davinci Art Frame.

You can encourage your child’s artistic expression by displaying his or her creations proudly in your home or office.

Stores up to 50 original pieces of artwork in an ultra thin 1"-thick front-opening display cabinet with easy-to-open latch; makes a special storage and collection box for a childhood (or school year, or afternoon!) of prized masterpieces.

Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 eight 9! Numbers are fun!

Animal Numbers Fabric Wall Decals, Set of Colorful Numbers from 0 to 9, Turtle, Giraffe, Monkey & More

This animal number fabric wall decal set will make learning exciting for your children and look amazing at the same time. This number set includes characters like a koala, dog, penguin and much more.

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My Art Gallery

My Art Gallery 


My Art Gallery is an incredibly versatile new display and storage system that provides a creative showcase for kids (and their parents) to proudly exhibit, organize, and store their artwork. Included are three stylish, sturdy plastic, woodgrained frames that each hold and store up to thirty-five 8.5" x 11" works of art.

You can display the frames together or individually—on the refrigerator or on the wall—or as freestanding frames (magnets and snap-in legs included!).

As your children grow, a portfolio they'll treasure can grow along with them.

Notable People of the World Globe 
Notable People of the World Globe 

 This geographical globe offers extra educational value by teaching children a little about notable figures (like Julius Caesar, Hammurabi, and Cleopatra) through history from different parts of the world.

Kid-friendly comic-book-style illustrated characters appear on the globe accompanied by a DVD featuring 51 animated profiles complete with voice and music.

Parents will appreciate the educational value; kids will enjoy the fun way in which the information is presented. Made in Italy.

Eureka Telling Time Bulletin Board Sets

Eureka Telling Time Bulletin Board Sets

  • 4 Panels, each panel 17 x 24"
  • Set includes 6 punch-out clocks with hands to practice basic time concepts
  • Time flies when you are having fun;Telling time Kit works with any analog classroom clock to teach time visually
  • Bulletin Board sets are great for the classroom, home, parties, or use for bedroom and playroom wall décor

ALEX Toys Active Play Hopscotch

ALEX Toys Active Play Hopscotch

Your little ones will be hopping and jumping on this big, bright and colorful 23"W x 81"L EVA foam hopscotch board that you can play on both indoors and out. Snaps together like a puzzle

My 1st Career Gear Assortment Suit

My 1st Career Gear Assortment Suit

The set comes with all of the shirts pictured (construction worker, pink Dr., blue Dr., police officer, fireman, and chef).

Career Hats (set of 5)

Kids  Table and 4-Chair Set

mix up the legs and seat backs for added colorful fun!

A triple-duty storage bin and carry-tote: organize it. Carry it. Bring it. Got stuff? things? free-floating goods? this storage bin will hold it all. Better yet, with its effortless canvas carry-handles, it's the perfect tote for your household laundry and toys. Or pack it up & bring this carry-all with you: perfect for an overnight, beach visit, shopping, play-date .. You name it.

Storage Bin, A to Z

Child's Desk with Chalkboard Top and Chair Set, Walnut

child's slanted top desk and chair set. Like the old fashioned school desks. Lots of storage, indentations for pens and pencils. Made with recessed finger hold to protect precious fingers. Hardwood with Walnut child-safe finish.

vertical handprints Twin Duvet
   variety of ...... paint splatter  duvet covers - in a variety of sizes
search at cafepress

vertical handprints Twin Duvet

numbers, letters bedding

Learning your numbers, letters and punctuation from bedding isn't the most traditional learning method, but it is the comfiest. This lively bedding set features tons of colorful symbols and modern alphabet typefaces to give it a simple, clean look.

Kids Furniture  Kids Workspace   kids desks creative play

girls playrooms

 Kids Furniture  Kids Workspace   kids desks fun playroom furniture

It's elementary, Mrs. Watson. If you're looking for a play table with a large work area and plenty of storage space, look no further than our Elementary Trestle Table. (What's that you say? Your last name isn't Watson? No worry, we still recommend this table for precisely the same reasons.)

 Kids Furniture  Kids Workspace   kids desks fun playroom furniture

It can't take your kids to chess club or give them piano lessons, but our Extracurricular Play Table can give them a place to play. At 15", it's the perfect height for toddlers or for use as a coffee table. It can even be made taller with an additional set of 23" or 30" legs. Its convenient drawer helps keep craft supplies handy while keeping the tabletop uncluttered. Add the coordinating paper roller and paper to get it (and yourself) ready for playtime.

 Kids Furniture  Kids Workspace   kids desks fun playroom furniture  kids rooms

 Kids Furniture  Kids Workspace   kids desks fun playroom furniture kids rooms

Wall Letters wall decorations fun playroom decorating ideas

It's décor you can decorate. Sturdy, three-dimensional kraft paper letters are ideal for art projects, crafts or just for display. Keep them plain or decorate as you see fit.

These giant, stylish letters are a whopping 30 inches tall.

Wall Letters playroom wall decorations

playroom decorating ideas kids playrooms furniture

Kids play rooms - fun decorating ideas - fun spaces for children to play

outer space theme playrooms boys playrooms outer space theme

Day Trip Plush Canoe fun playroom furniture kids rooms

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tree playhouse canopy

Transplanting this huge tree playhouse into your living room is a great idea. It features playful embroidered details, and plenty of room for your little ones to play. We tried transplanting an actual tree into the living room, but this playhouse worked much better.

Play Kitchen and Play Food - fun playroom furniture at the land of nod

Play Kitchen and Play Food - fun playroom furniture

Your little ones can whip up one imaginary meal after another with our Future Foodie Play Sink. It features two roomy cabinets and three hooks to hold all their cooking essentials with ease.

Life House High Kids Bed

This luxury kids bed features a partially covered top cabin with open window, step ladder and an area below where you can add a mattress or use as a play, reading or study area.

Gypsy Vanner Weanlings Mural  at murals your way

playrooms native american themed playrooms

Southwestern - American Indian theme bedrooms blog

boys costumes fun costumes playroom decorating ideas

Reversible castle that serves as an arts and craft activity and provides a safe play environment for your children. 
Watch the kids use their little hands and big imaginations to create a place of their very own.

Playhouse Castle

What kid doesn’t dream of being a king or a queen, 
a prince or a princess or even a gallant knight? 

girls costumes

girls costumes pretend play costumes

Box Creations Corrugated Castle

Very cute and cozy playhouse

Kids Play House Indoor Outdoor Pink Princess Castle Play Tent

Jumbo Blocks Twin Headboard

 Jumbo Blocks Twin Headboard Furniture Sets

No tools required. You can build any shape to fit your twin bed, just use your imagination.

Jumbo building Blocks

Jumbo Blocks

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school children blackboard large mural wallpaper living room bedroom wallpaper


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