Friday, February 17, 2012

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I love Hello Kitty - she is just the cutest little Kitty Kat 
Hello Kitty
  ... Here, Kitty, Kitty...
Hello Kitty has to have one of the biggest merchandise lines ever

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They have everything from clothes, shoes, laundry baskets to actual planes and weaponry (which will NOT be making an appearance in this post). 

Since I'm more immature than I like to admit, here's a post about some really great Hello Kitty merchandise.

Kick-start your collection with some gorgeous
 Hello Kitty jewelry!

Hello Kitty jewellery Hello Kitty Necklace  Hello Kitty Couture Hello Kitty accessories

An adorable hand-crafted necklace shimmering with silver, black, pink and yellow diamonds. Made of tarnish-free alloy, this is definitely one of the cutest necklaces I've had the pleasure to come across.

These gorgeous sparkly earrings are the perfect match to any outfit! They instantly add an adorable touch, and the Swarovski crystals are definitely hard to miss! I own a pair just like these, so I definitely recommend them for any Hello Kitty lover.

Gorgeous bracelet is covered in Austrian crystals, making miss Kitty's face shine. Nickel and lead-free, who doesn't want something like this?

Hello Kitty jewellery

Another gorgeous, crystal-covered Hello Kitty necklace

Rather than her face, this time it's her general shape, outlined with the use of iridescent crystals.

The attention-stealer in this piece is definitely her bow, which uses red crystals instead.

Got enough Hello Kitty jewelry already?

Want more general Hello Kitty in your life? 
(you can never have too much Hello Kitty!)

Check out some of these cool items!

Every girl needs a bag to store the umbrella, here's a few cute  Hello Kitty bags, big enough to store all your goodies. 
woman can never have too many handbags.

Hello Kitty bags Kitty Cosmetic Case  Hello kitty Travel case Hello Kitty Tote Bag Hello Kitty Cat Crystal Couture Clutch

Hello Kitty Umbrellas

 Staying dry in the rain gets funner with Hello Kitty umbrellas. 
Your child will adore the cute Hello Kitty design with the adorable Hello Kitty mascot handle.

Hello Kitty slippers

Hello Kitty slippers

variety of styles

Comfy, cute and just right for the Hello Kitty fanatic.

Hello Kitty for the car

HELLO KITTY Graphics Auto Car Truck Side View Mirror Stickers Decals

HELLO KITTY Graphics Auto Car Truck Side View Mirror Stickers Decals

Hello Kitty Face Design on Black/Pink Accent Decal sticker for your car or computer. sticks on anything!

Craving the need to make people even more jealous of you as you drive around in your Ferrari?

Hello Kitty seat covers
will help that along nicely

Hello Kitty Car Seat Covers  Hello Kitty car accessories hello kitty decor

Who needs tan leather seats when you could have Hello Kitty?

Another must have if you love Hello Kitty and and want to give your car a little Hello Kitty classy chic bling!

3D Hello kitty Decal  Auto Car Stickers

Great for decorating the interior or exterior of your car

Want more Hello Kitty in your kitchen? 
Check out these fantastic products!

hello kitty kitchen accessories  Hello Kitty TOASTER Hello Kitty collector Hello Kitty kitchen accessories

When I'm sick, all I eat is toast. In my opinion, it's God's gift to man. As an avid Hello Kitty collector, this toaster is perfect! 
Along with Hello Kitty's cute face, this toaster features 7 different heat settings and a removable crumb tray for easy cleanup!

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