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Introduce your baby to arctic animals - 
penguins, polar bears, whales, walruses, seals ....

Create a fun arctic explorer themed nursery for your baby

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Few different options for this fun theme

Snow capped mountains - Arctic baby animals in a winter wonderland or 
a neutral Nordic style

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The quilt features friends of a seal, fox, owl, penguin and polar bear, with applique and embroidered accents. The fitted sheet has these Arctic animals tossed in a whimsical pattern, coordinating with a glacial stripe print on a 3-sided dust ruffle, all printed on butter-soft, easy-care microfiber. Baby will always have a friend nearby with a plush polar bear, made of plush fur with embroidered details.

Decorate your arctic themed nursery with cute 
penguin nursery decor

 penguin nursery decor penguin nursery bedding arctic animals Penguin Nursery Baby Bedding penguin wall decals Arctic Baby Crib Bedding

Penguin comes with adorable knitted scarf and winter hat that's removable and washable.

Polar bear pillow - White bear accent throw pet pillow portrait - Handmade decorative cushion

Nordic wonder arctic wildlife

Penguin decorative animal throw pillow - Animal accent throw pet portrait pillow - Handmade cushion black grey orange beak dark grey penguin

polar bear bedroom decor White Bear Animal Rug bearskin rug with head

Decorate your Arctic Baby bedrooms with cute Arctic Baby animals Crib Bedding

Penguin arctic baby Nursery Crib Bedding penguin bedroom decor arctic animals baby nursery  Emperor Penguin Plush Stuffed Animal  Frosty Polar Bear Ride-on Footstool  Penguin Baby Room Decor

OptimaBaby My Cute Little Penguin Antarctic Holiday 6 Piece Baby Nursery Crib Bedding 

Melissa & Doug Giant Emperor Penguin Plush Stuffed Animal
Frosty Polar Bear Ride-on Footstool
Brrrrr! here comes Frosty, straight from the Frozen Tundra of the Arctic!

Soft, soothing, restful neutrals make up this Nursery.
Sporting tans and grays, this child’s room feels dreamy and perfect for a boy or a girl chalet. 

mountain wall decal stickers - variety - etsy

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Winter on sunny days after a fresh snowfall creates brilliant scenery with glittering sparkles everywhere. Consider hanging a wallpaper mural in your nursery depicting snow-laden trees surrounding a frozen pond. Or go for a white, snow-covered path winding its way through the forest with the trees etched in white frost, sparkling in the sun.

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